MLA from Aldona Attends Lockdown Party, CM Says Will Inquire Into The Matter

The Lockdown Party
Aldona MLA Glen Ticlo at the "The Lockdown Party" says he only visited the location “for a few minutes” because he was called there by a close aide. (Videograb)

Despite the rising cases of Covid-19 in the state of Goa, some locals do not follow the proper social distancing norms and get engaged into the social gathering and parties, in one such incident a local MLA Glen Ticlo from Aldona Constituency was spotted in one such “Lockdown Party” that was held at state’s coastal belt on Sunday

The video clip of this “Lockdown Party” went viral on social media and it caught the attention of the people of Goa after the Aldona MLA Glen Ticlo was spotting at the party. He was spotted speaking on the phone, shaking hands and waving to the people enjoying the party on Bollywood number.

Shockingly this incident comes into the light soon after the announcement made by the CM asking people of Goa to double down the social distancing and avoid celebrations, but when pointed out by the media about his own MLA was seen at a party, CM Sawant said, “I will enquire into it.” 

The offending video, circulated widely in Goa, shows a group of young men, including a BJP councilor Francisco Carvalho, enjoying a party and dancing. One person in the clip is heard saying “Special guest in the house… for the special party… lockdown party” as BJP MLA Glenn Souza Ticlo enters.   

The MLA, speaking on the phone, can be seen shaking hands and waving to people. A mask is also seen around his face.

Meanwhile, defending himself MLA Ticlo said that he only visited the location and did not attend the party himself. “People are making a big issue out of this. I was there only for a few minutes because my man called me there. I respect social distancing norms,” Ticlo said.


According to the sources, the said party took place on one small hotel along the state’s coastal belt on Sunday and it witnessed the gathering of around 45 to 40 people who were seen enjoying themselves and dancing to Bollywood numbers.

The BJP councilor Francisco Carvalho, present at the scene, said that the party was “permitted” and no wrong was done.

Meanwhile, CM Dr. Pramod Sawant repeated his statement on the importance of maintain of a social distancing even among friends, neighbors, and relatives.

“Even in such times, people are being invited for birthdays, other functions. This has to stop. We are used to visiting people’s homes especially. Do not even visit your neighbors to inquire about their health,” Sawant had said on Sunday adding that “We should not hold parties. We should also not call people at home. You never know when asymptomatic persons can spread the virus,” Sawant added.

Source: HT

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