Minor girl raped by the Goa legislature admitted into psychiatry Institute due to “Abnormal Behaviour”


Minor girl raped Goa legislature admitted psychiatry Institute

This was expected a long time back as the 16-year-old girl who use to live the life with freedom had been confined in the four walls of Apna Ghar by the authorities. According to sources at the Apna Ghar, a minor girl who was allegedly raped by the Goa legislature and Taleigao strongman Antanasio Monseratte had started behaving strangely due to which she was admitted into the Institute of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Bambolim. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] This is the outcome of one of the most controversial cases that took place in Goa lately. The case involves the political strongman of Goa that always remained in the controversies over various issues. According to the sources at Apna Ghar where the victim girl was confined for rehabilitation purpose started showing the symptoms of “Abnormal Behaviour” and due that the authorities had to admit the girl into IPHB (Institute of Psychiatry and Human Behaviour) situated at Bambolim in Panaji. The state-run protection home had confirmed the same.

The senior official at the state-run protection home had stated that the minor girl had started showing the symptoms of “Abnormal behavior” suddenly and watching the situation going out of hand they had been forced to take this step.

It may be recalled that the 16-year-old girl was logged into the Apna Ghar protection home at Merces after her mother had complained to Panaji police about her so-called misbehavior. Following to that incident, the minor girl had confessed before the Apna Ghar authorities about her alleged rape by Taleigao strongman and St. Cruz MLA Babush Monseratte.

On 5 May, Monserrate was arrested after the girl complained that she was purchased by him (from her mother) at Rs 50 lakh and was raped thereafter.

The case became weak against the legislature since the witnesses went against the rape victim and all accused were released on the bail while the victim girl remained inside the protection home under the pretext of her rehabilitation and safety. Her sudden abnormal behaviour was a result of her confinement in the protection home said the sources.

The officials at IPHB denied giving any more information on this issue due to the reason of privacy. “The girl has been kept under observation. We are monitoring her behavior. The details cannot be disclosed about the case as it amounts to a breach of privacy of the patient,” a senior doctor from IPHB said.

The victim girl was admitted into the IPHB on Monday evening and she has said to be kept under observations in the tight security of police since the rape accused Monseratte is already out on the bail claimed the sources.

In the alleged rape case of a minor girl the crime, branch had arrested all three accused including Monseratte, victim girl’s mother and aunty Rosy. Presently all of them are out on the bail. The mother of victim girl was arrested for human trafficking for allegedly selling the 16-year-old daughter to the MLA who later allegedly raped her at his farmhouse at Taleigao. Aunty Rosy was said to be the mediator in this alleged deal.

Monseratte, who represents St Cruz constituency, had refused his involvement in the case claiming that the entire episode was a “political conspiracy” against him. He said the victim, who was working in the lifestyle showroom owned by him, was dismissed from services for stealing cash.

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