Migrants are responsible for the rising crime rate in state claims Deputy CM of Goa

Goa has a huge number of migrants that are serving towards the economy of the state. In the migrants, the labour section has the major stake, although being more in number they contribute nothing to the economy much but without their existence the whole industry will fall down. According to the Deputy CM of Goa, these migrants are the reason behind the rising crime rate in the state. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the news published by the national daily The Hindu, Deputy Chief Minister of Goa Francis D’Souza on Saturday told mentioned to the media that crime rate if Goa is rising due to the migrants and the coastal area if getting affected more due to this. His statement came in the backdrop of the outgoing TTAG president Fransisco Braganza’s statement in which he mentioned that Goa is losing its international l tourists due to the rise in domestic tourists.

Mr. D’souza was speaking with the media on the occasion of an annual function organized by the TTAG (Travel and Tourism Association of Goa) Mr. D’souza has lashed on the migrants for committing the maximum amount of crime in the state. “Migration into Goa does make it a little difficult to handle the issue. See the crime statistics. Most of the crime is committed by migrants. So how do we take care of it and handle the situation? It is one of the issues troubling the government,” Mr. D’Souza said.

According to the available statistics, Goa is one of the major beach tourism destination in India that attracts around 3.5 million tourists every year which includes around 10% (4 lakh) foreigners. He pointed out that Goa needs to be very sensitive towards the tourism as the small incident occurred here creates the huge waves into the international media. “You have to be very sensitive towards tourism because the whole world is focused on Goa. The small things that happen in Goa create big news, international news. You can’t stop it. But we will have to take care that such things don’t happen,” the Deputy Chief Minister said.

The outgoing president of TTAG was in spoke in the favour of foreign tourists as according to him being small in number they generate more revenue for the state. “High-end foreign tourists add colors to the destination, and mind you, they do not trouble anybody,” said Mr. Braganca. The function was attended by the all major stakeholders from the tourism industry and most of them were in favour of the statement made by deputy CM that the increased inflow of the domestic tourists is leading towards the ruining the reputation of the state.


Mr. Braganza mentioned that he is not against the domestic tourists since they generate a substantial amount of revenue to the state but the international tourists are necessary to sustain the domestic tourism. “The international tourism is necessary to sustain domestic tourism itself,” he said.

“Most of the domestic tourists coming to Goa think they are going abroad, because, they think there are a lot of foreigners here. And if we do not have foreigners and we will not have international tourists or even domestic tourists,” explained Mr. Braganca.

what do you feel? do you agree with what deputy CM claims? are the domestic tourists the reason behind the loss of international tourism? please leave your comments on this issue.

Source: The Hindu


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