Migrants in Goa – Tenant Kills Roommate, owner to face prosecution for not doing police verification

The increase in migrant population has lead to rise in the criminal activities in the state, and most of these migrants stay in the rented house owned by the local Goans. Many of them let their houses without doing proper police verification of the tenants. Here in this case the one migrant killed his roommate on the petty issue of not making tea for him. The police is now also pulling the owner of the house into the case for not following the proper police verification process while letting their house to tenants.       

A 32-year-old Shabir Khan died in GMC while undergoing treatment after he was attacked on Saturday by his roommate Satish Kholi, resident of MP. The Margao police had arrested accused Satish on the same day from Margao Savage Plant in an attempt to murder case. The accused who fled the scene after committing the crime confessed before the police of hitting the victim in the fit of rage for not listening to him.   

The scene occurred earlier on Saturday in a rented premise which is being owned by one Prudentia Carneiro, where the two have been staying over the last month and a half. The incident attributed to an argument between the duo over the preparation of early morning tea.

In the investigation which was carried out back then, stated that Satish had asked the victim Shabir who was still sleeping to wake up and prepare tea,  but the refusal of Shabir lead into an argument after which Satish hit the victim with a rod on the head. Another laborer who was staying in the same premises noticed Shabir lying on the floor in a pool of blood who them immediately alerted the owner, he said.


The police has recovered the weapon used in the assault from the crime scene,  and the accuse has already been booked  for the attempt of murder under section 307 of the IPC. The owner of the rented premises has also been booked under scanner for no tenant verification. 

In the investigation that was being carried out stated that the owner of the rented premise, had leased out his premise to the accuse and the victim and had not compiled with the mandatory police verification of the tenant.

In fact the land owner can be faced with prosecution by the police authorities for his failure to get the tenant verification forms of the two migrants filled out at the police station.

The Margao PI Kapil Nayak mentioned that procedures have been started against the land owner who failed to comply with the mandatory tenant verification form.   

The accuse who was then arrested on the same day has now been booked under section 302 for murder, said the police.

Source: TOI | The Goan

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