Francisco Xavier Pacheco famously known as Mickky Pacheco has finally surrendered today in front of JMFC first class in Margao coming out of his hideout after more than 2 months. We have special interview excerpts just before his arrest in which he spoke to the local TV channel HCN, where he claimed that he was not hiding but seeking the legal remedies. He also flaunted the example of the Salman Khan Case in which Salman was freed by the court due to technical issue of examining of 1 witness.


It is the considered the as the lethargic nature of the police department who could not trace him and arrest him for past two months even after declaring the reward of Rs. 25000/-. Today he suddenly appeared in Margao where he arrived in one private car. When he was asked by the media from where he has come he narrated the entire story saying that he just arrived from Delhi by road. The question remains here as how he crossed the border without coming into the notice of police while entering Goa.

The RDA minister and Nuvem MLA Francisco Pacheco was absconding for about two months, after being convicted for slapping a junior engineer in 2006.  Mickky was declared an absconder by the court, after police failed him to trace. Mickky suddenly appeared on Monday evening at around 4pm after he went into hiding and could not be traced. Jail authorities said that Mickky will be lodged in Sada jail in the port town of Vasco. When he arrived in Margao just one cameramen and a press reporter was available at the scene. Somehow they seem to have received the tip of his surrender plans.

It may be recalled that the Nuvem MLA who until April 3 was rural development minister in Goa’s BJP led government has to undergo a six-month jail sentence imposed by Bombay high court at Goa on July 17, 2014 as he had assaulted junior engineer Kapil Natekar of an electricity department in 2006. The Supreme Court on March 30 upheld the high court order while dismissing the special leave petition filed by the MLA. The apex court on May 11, 2015, also dismissed his plea seeking more time to surrender.


Mr. Rodrigues who had recently filed a petition in High Court demanding that Pacheco search be handed over to the CBI, told The media on Monday that now that Pacheco has surrendered there should be complete probe to ascertain where he was hiding as a lot of public money has been spent in his search by police. He also argued that Pacheco had lied before the JMFC that he arrived in Goa on Monday and asserted that he was very much in Goa for over 15 days.


Q: Where were you all these while?

Mickky: I was in Delhi and I was not hiding in fact I was seeking the legal remedies in there. This is politically motivated case and right from the time I was convicted I went to all the court but Supreme Court upheld my sentence. There are so many cases happen where murders takes place and accused comes out of it, it looks like my case was specially taken up to punish me.

Q: Why you were hiding all the time?

Mickky: I came to know from the media that the order was issued to arrest me and look notice was also issued against me, if they had not issued the lookout notice I would have myself surrendered long time ago.

Q: Why are you surrendering now?

I am surrendering now because I was going through all the legal remedies and I was not well too, I had medical issues and I was under medication for some time. I used to take the tablets of blood pressure etc. Its not an easy task to travel to Delhi by road in private car. I was forced to travel in private car by road cause they have blocked all the travel routes by putting posters all over and police men were deployed across the airport, railways station and bus stands. Though I was not in Goa but I was in constant touch with Goa by regularly updating myself via news papers and online media. Now I have just come from Delhi in a car to surrender in front of JMFC.

Q: Why have you waited two months?

Mickky: Lot of injustice has been done against me. I was going through the medical remedies and they (police) were not ready to give me breathing time. They harassed me by putting the lookout notice and searching me all around. I am not the criminal and I did not wanted to get arrested by the police.

Q: Do you think this will affect your career?

Mickky: I have lot of faith in my people and they also know me very well. I am not thief and I have not stolen anybody or did anything wrong. All I did was called that engineer to my place to tell him to perform his duties properly. I did not slapped him, I have eye witness but the court had not given me the opportunity to produce them. In the Salman Khan case they allowed him drop his sentence for examining just 1 witness.



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