Mickky is in more trouble as police registered absconding case against him


There is saying when trouble comes it comes from all the sides and same thing is happening in the case of Mickky Pacheco it looks like the fortune has deserted him in this times of his adversity. He is facing the charges of slapping the Junior Engineer on duty government servant for which he is wanted by the Goa Police and now Goa Police has also registered the Non-Cognizable case against him keeping him busier in the litigation.

According to the available sources the Ex-Minister and GVP supreme Xavier Miccky Pacheco is absconding to evade the arrest in the JR Engineer slapping case and police has already registered the Non-cognizable case against him, the Superintendent of Police (South Goa) Shekhar Prabhudesai has confirmed the registration of case against Mr. Pacheco “The non cognizable case has been registered against Pacheco. We will have to inform the court that he is absconding,” SP said.

Meanwhile there is also rumor of text messaging going viral in the state involving one of the cabinet minister in the suicide of NRI. “Cellular text messages are being circulated about the involvement of one of my ministers (in a suicide case). If anyone has any proof they should name the minister,” Parsekar told media here after the state cabinet meeting. The chief minister was referring to a text message that has gone viral in the state, which claims that an NRI committed suicide after he found that his wife was involved in an affair with a state cabinet minister.

Apparently The CM is trying to defend one of his cabinet ministers from such allegation saying “If anyone has any document linking the cabinet minister, he should come forward. But circulating such vague messages is bad and serious, when you mention a state cabinet minister in the text message, then you tend to point a finger at all the 11 ministers, Goa has 12 cabinet ministers and one of them is a woman.” Responding to a question on the issue of Mickky Pacheco, the Chief Minister said his government is not protecting former minister Fransisco Miccky Pacheco, who is currently on the run after being convicted for slapping a government servant.  Parsekar said that law should take it’s own course. “If he was in the cabinet then you could have said that we are protecting him. He has already resigned,” he said.

Source : PTI


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