Meet the Bollywood celebrities whose career got destroyed due to drug addiction

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It is not the hidden fact anymore that Bollywood stars pursue the Hollywood trend for quite some time. This adoption can be witnessed in their personal as well professional lifestyle. Perhaps the abuse of drugs is also the part and parcel of the westernization. Many Bollywood celebrities consume drugs on a regular basis and that can be witnessed in the page 3 parties. It apparently starts with the consumption of alcohol and ends up bolting in the drugs. There are many stories that go around in the B-Town according to which many have finished their careers much before it could begin. Here we bring to you the stories of some of the well known B-Town celebrities who gave into drugs and that led to harm their career to quite an extent.

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Sanjay Dutt

Sunjay Dutt Drug Addict

When the subject of drug abuse comes in the first name that flashes across in the minds of many that is famous Bollywood star son Sanjay Dutt or Sanju Baba. (as he is known famously) Sanjay Dutt who is a Son of famous personality Sunil Dutt has started consuming drugs much before coming into the film industry. According to the sources, Sanjay Dutt has developed the drug addiction soon after his mother Nargis Dutt passed away due to cancer in 1982. There is an incident in which Sanjay Dutt was arrested in a drug case and was sent into the police custody for 5 months. That was perhaps his first experience in the jail. His entire early life went into drugs till his father took the perception of it and sent him to the US for the rehabilitation where he apparently came out of this bad habit.

Manisha Koirala

Manisha Koirala Smoking

Following the Sanju Baba there is another story of the famous B-Town diva, Manisha Koirala. Manisha started her career in Hollywood in early nineties and in very short span of time she became one of the most successful celebrities of the B-Town. But as you know, the there are many wises are attached to the fame. Manisha went for the similar fate. According to the sources, due to being constantly into the limelight, she finally, succumbed to the pressure and started consuming alcohol. This habit followed by smoking and drug abuse which led to her downfall. Slowly she disappeared from the silver screen and recently she came back into the news due to her fight and survival to Cancer.

Fardeen Khan

Fardeen Khan Arrested

Son of famous Bollywood actor of 60s Firoz Khan who gave the multiple blockbusters to the Bollywood film industry. Although Fardeen did not achieve many heights in the acting but being the son of Bollywood superstar he was well accepted in the films by the audience. According to the sources, in the month of May 2001, Fardeen created the headlines in all major newspapers due to his arrest in drug possession case. Fardeen was arrested by the Mumbai crime branch police from his Juhu residence in the case of alleged possession of cocaine. He also had to go behind the bar for some time, however finally he managed to come out on bail. But according to the sources, after this case, he did not get any film and his career took a big break.

Vijay Raaz

Vijay Raaz

This small time actor who plays a big-small role in the films and TV serials become famous in some comedy shows on the idiot box. Vijay started his career in the Mumbai film industry with small roles in films. He has done some memorable roles in the movies like Jungle (starring Naseeruddin Shah), Mira Nair’s Bhopal Express and Monsoon Weddings and slowly he started getting some good leading roles. One such movie of his in the leading role is Raghu Romeo which went to break some box office records. He also played the roles in Run and Delhi Belly in 2004. According to the sources, Vijay Raaz was arrested in Dubai for the illegal possession of the drugs in the year 2005.

Sussanne Khan

sussanne khan in parties maxresdefault (1)

The famous celebrity kid, daughter of megastar of 60s Sanjay Khan and wife of today’s superstar Bollywood celebrity Hrithik Roshan was found consuming cocaine. Although Susanne did not make any films but undoubtedly she is a celebrity. According to the sources, Sussanne was spotted in the page 3 parties consuming drugs, she was rumored to a drug addict. Her recent breakup with Hrithik Roshan is also said to have resulted out of her cocaine addiction.

Rahul Mahajan

rahul mahajan arrested for drung abuse

He is a very typical character and everyone must have surely heard of. Rahul is not a film actor or star son but he became a celebrity due to his father Pramod Mahajan, a veteran politician who was shot by his own brother. Rahul made his marks in the celebrity league by participating in various reality shows including Big Boss. Rahul was apparently in the drug consumption right in his early age. His drug consumption habit came into light when he was hospitalized after as alleged overdose of cocaine soon after the death of his father. He was arrested by the Delhi police soon after he got discharged from the hospital and was sent to the Tihar Jail in drug abuse case where he spent 5 days.

Gauri Khan

Gauri Khan

Last but not the least, famous celebrity star wife Gauri Khan who is rumored to be having found possessing drugs. Gauri Khan is the wife of Bollywood Badshah and being said that she also demands the highest celebrity status in the film industry.  According to the sources, few years back, King Khan’s wife was allegedly caught with some amount of marijuana at Berlin airport. However, the celebrity wife was let off after she declared that it was for personal consumption.

Source: The extract is taken from the original story written on BOLLYWOOD PAPA 



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