Another Case of Medical Negligence? Mother along with unborn baby dies at Reputed Hospital in Mapusa

There are a number of cases of death due to the negligence of doctors, are coming up in media. The recent case of a 7-year-old girl Delhi girl who died in a well-known Hospital due to the negligence on the part of doctors, in Delhi and now there is a news has come from Mapusa wherein a mother and her unborn child (Foetus) died in the hospital. What was the reason behind this incident? Take a look at the complete details of the case here…

According to the reports, The treatment of the deceased lady in the Goa’s well known Multi-Speciality Hospital situated in Mapusa started four months back when the deceased Sanvi Shetgaonkar along with her husband visited the hospital for the first time. According to the husband of a deceased, they have been consulting Dr. Sheela Gupte, a gynecologist at Vision Care Hospital, in Mapusa for the past four months. 

Siddesh Shetgaonkar from Assagao Goa married to Sanvi originally from Maharashtra 8 months ago. But during the 4th month of her pregnancy, Sanvi had developed some complications, and she was referred to Dr. Sheela Gupte at Vision Care Hospital in Mapusa for the treatment. After the preliminary check-up, Dr. Gupte had informed the family of Sanvi that she is required to undergo a surgery as the fetus in her womb had come down.

Accordingly, the surgery had been performed on Sanvi and she was instructed to take a complete bed rest. After one month Sanvi had her regular checkup at the same hospital and everything seems to be ok. But on December 9 at around 3.30am Sanvi suddenly developed a high fever, and her husband called Dr. Gupte but she did not pick up the phone and finally Sanvi was admitted into the Vision Care Hospital at around 5 am on 9th December, a the time she was 8 months pregnant, said the sources. 


Sanvi was admitted to the hospital in highly critical condition and her husband kept calling the doctor but, according to Siddesh she did not bother to return the call, and neither she came to the hospital. Meanwhile, according to the reports, the nurse on the duty gave two doses of an injections following to which Sanvi developed severe pain in her stomach. Sanvi’s family again started calling the doctor but as usual, she did not respond to the calls.

According to the reports, Dr. Sheela Gupte, Gynaecologist surgeon at Vision Care Hospital arrived at 8.30 am and during all these time-poor Sanvi was undergoing severe pain, which doctor Gupte cited it as a Labour Pain and she disappeared from the scene. Meanwhile, Sanvi’s complications had increased and she started bleeding profusely, and after a lot of pleadings of the family members, Dr. Gupte finally decided to carry out the surgery on Sanvi.

During the Surgery baby was removed out of the womb but, could not survive for long, and Sanvi was shifted into the ward in an unconscious condition. Soon after she regained her consciousness, the bleeding started again, and she was taken to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). A hospital informed Siddesh Shetgaonkar to arrange the blood from GMC Blood bank, who in turn immediately rushed to Goa Medical College situated at Bambolim all the way from Mapusa, and returned back with blood at 4.30 pm but, by the time Sanvi was already kept on the ventilators.

Doctors informed Sanvi’s family that she is on the ventilator and they had managed to give her the blood. At around 8.30 pm on the 9th December, finally, the doctor pronounced Sanvi dead. The question here is,  why Sanvi’s Husband was sent all the way to the GMC to arrange the blood, and when he returned with the blood, doctors told him that Sanvi is on ventilators and she had been given the blood.

Sanvi’s husband had lodged the complaint at Assagao police station against the Vision Care hospital and the Gynaecologist Dr. Sheela Gupte citing that due to the utter negligence on the part of hospital and doctor he lost his wife and a child.

According to the reports, deceased Sanvi belongs to Dodamarg in Maharashtra and she was married to Siddesh Shetgaonkar from Assagao in North Goa, on 23rd May 2017. As their marriage has completed only 8 months, the case has been transferred to the North Goa Magistrate, Mr. Gaurish Sankhwalkar, who will be doing the investigation into the matter. They are waiting for the post-mortem reports said the sources.

The law will take its own course but, who will be held responsible at the end of the day is uncertain. The cases of death due to medical negligence has become common in our country, and most of the time, the accused get away with it. There are very rare instances wherein the doctors have been penalized for their negligence since at the end of the day everything gets termed as medical shortcomings.

There is an utter failure in the medical system in our country, and the hospitals, private or government, does not care much about the life of patients. In the government hospitals poor dies due to the lack of medical facilities, while the private hospitals have become the business hubs rather than a nursing home. What is your opinion on this serious issue? Do you think that there is a need for strict regulations for the doctors so that they do not take the lives of the patients for granted? Please leave your valuable comments and suggestion on this serious issue.


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