Mapusa police arrested Nigerian drug peddler with six kilogram of Ganja


In one of the major breakthrough, Mapusa police have arrested a Nigerian national functioning as drug peddler with six kilograms of Ganja in his possession. The raid was conducted by the PSI Illidio Fernandes along with the team of police at the municipal Garden in Mapusa. This is the second biggest consignment of drug recovered by the Goa Police after the recent raid at Anjuna. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] Nigerians in Goa has always been subjected to drug dealings in the state. There are hundreds of cases registered against the Nigerians in various police stations in Goa that includes the cases pertaining to drug peddling, overstaying in the state, assaults rape, and other criminal activities.

Nigerians are not in Goa only but they have spread up across the country. Here, in this case, the Nigerian national who was arrested at Mapusa with the consignment of drugs is the resident of Hyderabad. Mapusa police have confirmed that they have arrested the Nigerian national John Paul a resident of Hyderabad from Municipal market situated at Dangui Colony at Mapusa in the wee hours of the day.

According to the statement released by PSI Fernandes, he along with his team and two panch members had conducted the raid and arrested John Paul in the possession of six kilograms of Ganja. “Acting upon the specific information available from the reliable sources, I have conducted the narcotic raid along with the staff of Mapusa police station and two panchas and arrested the accused John Paul, son of Rafael, age 33 years, a Nigerian national and presently residing at Hyderabad. In the raid we have recovered around 6kg of Ganja from the possession of John Paul,” said PSI Fernandes.

According to PSI Fernandes, the raid was conducted in wee hours of Tuesday. “The drug recovered from John Paul is valued at around Rs. 300,000. We have attached the consignment of drug and did panchanama,” he added.

The police have also attached the belongings of John Paul such as his mobile phone, train ticket, a handbag, wallet containing cash and a Honda Active bike bearing the registration number GA-03-AD-0229.  The further investigations are in progress said the police sources.

The arrest of Nigerian national resident of Hyderabad in Goa along with the big consignment of drugs only suggests that the drugs are meant to distribute in the state or the drugs are sent to other states from Goa. In the either situation drug peddling in going on in India with the mediation of Nigerian nationals remains the fact. Let’s wait and watch as what sort of action does the police or the home department is going to initiate against these culprits. Meanwhile, if you wish to share your comments on this serious issue please go ahead.

Source: Various sources      



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