Many Bollywood Actresses Resort to Prostitution for money – Tollywood Actress

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This statement is the outcome of the apprehension of the tollywood actress who was apparently rescued by the team of Goa Police in connection with high profile sex racket in the city.  The rescued actress had finally confessed in front of the Goa Police that she became a part of this illicit trade due to her poor financial conditions where she has no other resources to make ends meet.

In her confession she also revealed that many other small time actresses from Bollywood being lured into prostitution when roles dry up and they run out of money. The small time Tollywood actress who also has apparently worked in some big budget Bollywood movies has been handed over to her mother from the Merces protective home where she was detained after the Panaji police busted the prostitution racket in the city star hotel on 2nd June.

According the police sources the victim claimed that she was persuaded into the prostitution business by the Mumbai based pimp to earn some money. The pimp Ayesha Sayyed who is out on the bail at the moment was arrested by the Goa Police under the Immoral (Traffic) Prevention Act. The actress was having a very bad time according to one police official, who do not want to reveal his identity said that   “Her career graph significantly dropped after acting in a few Telugu movies and guest appearances in Hindi films. She had no roles after the release of Dabangg 2. To maintain her high-profile lifestyle, continue to fund her Bollywood dream by attending parties, film premieres and other glamorous events, she was forced into this flesh trade”.

“She was out of business for long time and left with no choice” said the officer quoting that the victim was aware of the reason for which she has flown to Goa on June 2, and this was the contradiction to her earlier statement in which she narrated to the police that she was brought to Goa under the pretext of a Movie audition and later hoodwinked her into the prostitution. The official suspect the possibilities of more such incidents may be happening in Goa at some other locations and the state is being used as a hub to carry out the trade. She also said that many pimps in Mumbai make use the opportunity to exploit the situation of the struggling actresses.


But what do you think?  Is it the lack of work is the reason which is forcing these well educated and talented actresses into the prostitution? Or it is a desire of maintaining the high profile lifestyle makes them take such drastic steps? Does the maintaining of high society life style at the cost of our morals and values is right? I think if people start really chasing their dreams with their handwork and the determination, they will surely not have any such silly excuses. Please do leave in your valuable comments and feedback on this issue.

Rajesh Ghadge       

Source: HERALD

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