Man Dies, Relatives & Friends of the deceased Charged Hospital over ‘Medical Negligence’

Medical Negligence

The incident took place in one of the Private Hospitals situated in Margao, South Goa on Saturday afternoon. Following the death of their Kin, a group of relatives and friends charged on the hospital over the alleged ‘Medical Negligence’.

According to the reports, a group of people gathered in the hospital demanding an explanation for the death of their kin to which they believe to have happed due to the medical negligence on the part of the hospital.

The report further states the tense moments were witnessed at a private hospital situated in Margao, South Goa on Saturday afternoon, after relatives and friends of a deceased patient went on a rampage alleging medical negligence. However, the timely arrival of police helped in bringing the situation under control.

According to the sources, one Prashant Chinchanikar was admitted in the hospital on Friday morning following the severe pain in patients abdomen for a couple of days. 

However, by afternoon, considering his precarious condition, doctors advised that he be taken to the Goa Medical College for further treatment.


According to the family of the deceased, there was a considerable delay in shifting the patient to GMC since the hospital insisted on the payment of Rs. 40,000 before discharging the patient.    

Relatives said that on the way to GMC, the patient started vomiting blood and he was brought back to the hospital where he died minutes later.   

Meanwhile, the hospital authorities have claimed that the patient died due to suspected Pneumonia, while the report says that the deceased was admitted into the hospital due to the abdominal pain.   

Friends and relatives of the deceased soon gathered at the hospital and alleged that the ambulance was not equipped with the required tools and equipment, which cost Chinchanikar his life.

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