Maggi Returns – The Goa state to lift the ban on Maggi soon


The nationwide ban on Maggi came in the backdrop of action taken by UP-based FDA officer Vineet Kumar Pandey whose report about the safety issue in Maggi noodles made the empire of 2500 crore fall down like a castle of cards. Maggi had to practically close down their operations pan India and pull out the huge stock and destroy them. But now it looks like the clouds of uncertainty is clearing and Maggi is all set to come back on to the shelves of your next door shop with the certificate of authenticity.

Based on the news published by the local daily, the newly tested results of the Maggi samples in the state-run FDA lab has claimed that Maggi is safe for consumption and does not have presence of any harmful contents and the state chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar has said that his government will soon lift the ban on Maggi noodles following the trends of Gujarat and Karnataka who had already lifted the ban on Maggi.

According to the Parsekar, Goa government followed the trend of other states and imposed the ban on Maggi, but the samples tested by a lab in Goa had not found any harmful content in it, and now that many states are lifting the ban on Maggi so the Goa will also follow the trend.

The food safety and standard Authority of India had alleged that Nestle India had violated the conditions of FDA by having the excess lead above permissible level and misleading labeling information on the product label and sale of Maggi oats masala without the FDA approval.

If you recollect, Goa was one of those few states which had tested the Maggi products twice for the excess lead and the results were negative but just to follow the ban across the country, Goa had banned the sale of Maggi in the state from June 2015. The ban was followed by the destruction of several hundreds of tonnes of Maggi across the country, the Goa factory was also closed down its operation asking employees to not to report for the work. However the director of FDA, Salim Veljee had approved the samples which are tested for the excess lead contents were found to be negative. “All the contents were found bellow permissible level and MSG found to be negative in the tests,” said Veljee

Finally, the Maggi samples were tested at all the three laboratories designated by Bombay High Court and passed all the tests, following to which Karnataka and Gujarat states announced the lift of the ban on Maggi. Very soon Maggi noodles will be seen across the counters in the stores of Goa.

Source: Various Sources

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