Do you want to lose weight without going to gym read the true story of this guy who lost 40kg in 1 year

This is a real life story of Shekhar Vijayan who lost almost 40 Kgs in just one year that too without going to Gym. According to him a year ago he weighed 125 kilos and broke the commode! “Today I am 40 kg lighter and feel on top of the world when I fit into my 16-year-old nephew’s clothes. If I can do it, you can too. Here’s how.” At the end of this article Shekhar has mentioned 10 ways to lose 40kgs in 1 year.

The storyteller here is an international entertainer by profession and hosts the events in India and across the world. One year back his major concern was the weight gain. According to Shekhar, he weighed 125 kilos and was suffering from physical and mental tension. “I was seriously overweight and at risk for many diseases,” he said. He had a difficulty in finding the clothes for himself. “My size waist size was 46 inches and only dress that could fit me were the stretchable variety,” he says.

According to Shekhar, the commode incident opened his eyes and he decided to lose weight seriously. “I was working as a transitions manager in a leading multinational a couple of years ago and the only exercise I ever had was typing on my laptop and making those killer presentations until that commode incident happened. I was at my in-laws place in Chennai and the commode that I was sitting on broke (not entirely because of me…the fixtures were loose). It became a joke in the family and that’s when I realised I need to lose weight.”

Just like most of the people out there, Shekhar did never wanted to join the Gym and yet wanted to lose the weight. What do you think he did? According to Shekhar, he decided that he would build stamina, “I started walking 2 km every day, and then graduated to running 6 km with my dog leading the way. I run 15 km every day now, be it morning or night, and I don’t need any sort of motivation (running partner or music) – I just love the sound of my shoes hitting the road or stairs and the sweat trickling down my body. I also couple the running with doing freehand exercises…I love the challenge of doing a plank. Try it…it does wonder for your body.”

You may think that he lost all the weight just by walking and running, but here you are wrong. According to Shekhar, he kept a strict vigil on what he eats, because he believes in the fact that bodies are made in the kitchen. “I watch what I eat because I strongly feel your body is made in the kitchen. I avoid everything white (salt, sugar, milk, idli, dosa, mayonnaise sauce, maida). I don’t know the taste of rice…I have not tasted it for the last one year. I don’t consume aerated drinks and packaged juices – I used to have two cans of diet coke earlier on a daily basis. I avoid fried foods and also packaged foods like aloo bhajia, namkeen, etc. Earlier, my weekends were all about KFC buckets and gaming – I don’t eat junk food now,” says Shekhar.

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So what exactly does Shekhar eat to survive? According to Shekhar, he eats a lot of green veggies and fruits. “I replaced my regular tea with green tea. I used to gorge on chicken and red meat. Now I have replaced that with grilled chicken and fish. What also worked for me was that I am a teetotaler.” says Shekhar. “These days, I eat my breakfast like an Indian king, lunch like a middle-class man and dinner like a pauper (which is always liquid). I used to weigh 125 kilos and my waist was 46 inches. I shed 40 kilos in a year and my waist size is 32 now. I fit into clothes that used to fit me 15 years ago,” adds Shekhar.

According to Shekhar, running worked for him because it builds the core muscles of a body. “I have achieved what I wanted and now I want to pass on this technique to everyone who is fighting the battle of the bulge. Make your body as your best friend. It will listen to you. Trust your body and yourself. You are capable of more than you think,” says Shekhar.

Today Shekhar has attained the strong and supple body. He likes to take stairs instead of elevators which help him losing weight in a hard way. According to Shekhar, he never had fallen sick for last one year. After achieving his target of losing weight Shekhar now wants to help other aspirants who want to lose the weight without going to Gym.


1) Take the stairs. Never ever use shortcuts. I hop, skip and jump to the stairs even if I have to reach the 18th floor.

2) Exercise control over what you are eating. I do go to malls and food courts – smell the food that was the biggest stress reliever for me a year back – and come back challenged, knowing that my mind is strong enough to handle this.

3) Sweat is good. That moment when I have sweat trickling down my body after running 15kms, be it morning or night, is the biggest high I get.

4) Avoid everything white – white bread, maida, milk, salt, rice, and sugar. Replace with steamed, grilled green vegetables and fish with olive oil. Avoid aerated, packaged drinks and junk food. Avoid everything that comes out of a packet.

5) I have increased the quality of the food that goes into my body and reduced the quantity, ensuring I have food every two hours.

6) Invest in your health – treat your body like it’s your best friend, respect it, love it, adore it. I always wanted to see how I would look in a life size mirror minus the fat around my stomach. The weighing machine, from being my enemy, became my friend in arms.

7) Be inspired – inspiration comes from within. I am not inspired by anyone and I am only inspired by myself. I never ever gave up on myself, to the point of being stubborn and determined to turn things around come what may. I hate the word ‘luck’. Losing weight and staying fit cannot be achieved by just being lucky. It’s about having complete faith and trust in yourself more than anyone else and doing everything with determination, discipline and loads of passion.

8) I am a teetotaller and avoid anything addictive. I have replaced my tea and coffee with green tea.

9) Use your ego as a positive trait to stay fit. The high you get when you get into clothes that are really old (I now fit into clothes that used to fit me 15 years ago) makes it worthwhile to keep running all your life.

10) Losing 40 kilos in a year from 46 inches on the waist to 80 kilos and 32 inches is possible. It’s all about the fight between the mind and the body and you have to get your mind to win.

Source: The story is originally written by Shekhar Vijayan for THE BETTER INDIA DOT COM

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