Lockdown In Goa? No Problem! TV Serial Makers Not Thinking of Going Back Anytime Soon

TV Serial Shooting in Goa
Cast and Crew of Kundali Bhagya Moved To Goa

The lockdown in Mumbai made the entire film industry shift to various safer locations and Goa is one of them. Many TV serials and films are being shot in Goa for more than a fortnight in the state and now that Goa has gone under lockdown the makers of the serial have decided to stay put here only for a real long time. 

Due to the sudden spike in the Covid cases, the state government had to take a decision of implementing the lockdown in Goa for 4 days which will be ending on Monday most probably. Meanwhile, earlier the Maharashtra Government had announced 15 days lockdown in the state due to a sudden surge in Covid cases. 

The lockdown in Maharashtra made the Television and Filmmakers shift their base temporarily to Goa and now the lockdown in Goa did not make any impact on them they have decided to stay here for longer and complete their schedule in Goa. 

Now that the 15 days lockdown period in Maharashtra coming to an end soon but there is no assurance that the lockdown will not be extended and despite there is a lockdown announced in Goa also but they are still allowed to shoot indoors and thus the makers of the TV shows are not planning to move back anytime soon. 

“There is a possibility that restrictions in Mumbai may continue for another two weeks, hence producers who have moved out of the city are not thinking of returning anytime soon. They’d rather wait and watch.”

The president of the Goa Line Producers Association Sandeep Korecha told the media reports that the state government has given the permission of shooting indoors until 30th May even during the lockdown. 

“We are allowed to shoot at indoor venues, until May 30, even during the lockdown. Outdoor shoots aren’t permitted. We have also been asked to shoot with minimum crew members. We put an indicator on our vehicles so that they’re allowed to pass during the lockdown.”

While a few shows are shooting at resorts, some of them have rented villas in Goa. Regarding the same, Tuhjse Hai Raabta actor said that they are shooting in a resort and living in a bio bubble-like format. He added that they are taking all the necessary precautions and following the protocols so that it shouldn’t be a problem as there are no restrictions on shooting indoors.

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