Locals oppose Quarantine facilities in the residential area

With the number of people entering into the state, a need for the quarantine facilities is kept growing, but local Goans do not want the quarantine facilities to be set up into their villages. Following the stiff opposition for the quarantine facility from the Candolim locals now the residents of Anjuna-Caisua have joined the ‘not in my backyard’ bandwagon.

It is a sad state of an affair that our own Goan seafarers are not welcomed by the Goans into their villages due to the fear of coronavirus spread. In one of the recent incident the Candolim opposed the entry of seafarers into the quarantine facility setup in their village. 

According to the reports, Residents of Anjuna-Caisua are the latest to jump onto the ‘not in my backyard’ bandwagon objecting to Goan seafarers being quarantined at a hotel in their village. 

According to the sources, Anjuna-Caisua Panchayat wrote to the North Goa collector R Menaka to relocate the people quarantined in the hotels in their village. Anjuna-Caisua sarpanch Savio Almeida said the paid quarantine centres are located in residential areas and that any lapse in the quarantine process could lead to community transmission. 


It may be recalled that the locals of Calangute and Candolim had staged a protest against the entry of seafarers into their villages. The local residents and few self proclaimed activists had raised equation over arrival of seafarers from Italy. 

“There is panic in Calangute because of the coronavirus. We were in the Green Zone and now people from out are coming here and being quarantined. The state government is keeping people in the hotels here, which we don’t want,” said Calangute-based activist, Rajendra Korgaonkar. 

The opposition to the quarantine facilities has not been formed overnight. According to the reports, in the month of March, locals from Vasco da Gama along with some councillors of the Mormugao Municipal Council had opposed to the quarantine facilities setup in their town by demanding the scraping of proposal to set up a quarantine facility at the Headland Sada harbour in the old office building of the Mormugao Port Trust.    

The locals insist that the arrival of the quarantined is “dangerous” for their families, wives and children. When around 90 seafarers were brought to a resort in Candolim on Wednesday night, locals blocked the buses and questioned the police about the presence of the quarantined seamen. 

Meanwhile, the former local MLA came in the suppose of locals saying that people were rightfully anxious. The government should have told people that all of them have tested negative. “Somebody should have told the people that these are not patients but seafarers,” he said.

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