Killing Ashpak was not the plan said Vinayak Karbotkar to police

Vinayak Karbotkar, the accused in Ashpak Bengre murder case was produced before JMFC. Magistrate remanded him to 5 days police custody for interrogation by the crime branch. Police could not manage to recover the weapon from him while he claimed that he did not want to murder Ashpak he just wanted to take revenge for the assault on him by Ashpak at Calangute. Although Karbotkar denied the allegations of Supari but police suspects the existence of contract killing in this case. Who is Vinayak Karbotkar and how he came in contact with Ashpak? Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] Ashpak Bengre murder case has raised many concerns over the way jail authorities handle the situation in the prison. The inmates having the access to the weapon are not the issue that can be neglected at this point. It is the open fact that jail inmates have to access all the things that are banished by the authorities that make the tall claims of having two tire security in the jail. Despite that, the inmates get access to mobile phones, acids and other stuff that can be used to harm the others.

Ashpak Bengre was a seasoned criminal and he had plotted assaults and murders of inmates at various occasions. The inmate from Sada Sub Jail Micheal was given acid by Ashpak. The jail authorities were well aware of his activities but never took any action against him. According to the sources, Ashpak used to run his gang from the prison itself.

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Vinayak Karbotkar, another history-sheeter who was recently brought back to Goa from Nashik jail on transfer warrant due to his involvement in numerous cases in Goa. According to the DGP Elvis Gomes, Bengre was shifted to Colvale jail a few months back and he was also here on the transfer warrant. After the hearing, he was supposed to be handed over back to Punjab police in a drug peddling case but before that, only his game was over.


According to the sources, Vinayak Karbotkar had maintained a very good rapport with Bengre in Colvale jail although he claims of previous enmity and fight at Calangute. Maybe this was his game plan to take revenge on Ashpak.

There is one more thing came to the light in the police investigations. According to that, Vinayak attacked Ashpak to save the life of one of his friend whose murder was being plotted by Ashpak. According to the local newspaper Heraldo, an independent inquiry into highly placed sources in the prison revealed that Bengre had plotted to kill a friend of the accused Vinayak Karbotkar, who is an undertrial lodged at Sada Sub Jail.

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According to the sources, the Bengre had developed the good connection with the jail authorities so much so that he managed to get the inmates transferred from Sada Sub Jail to Colvale prison. Bengre wanted to vengeance the attack on him by jail inmates at Mapusa Judicial Lockup five years ago.

According to the sources, the plot of Ashpak murder was framed by Karbotkar to save his close friend who was at Sada Jail and was about to get transferred to Colvale on the directions of Bengre.  “Karbotkar who is close to the inmate and wanted to avoid the attack on his friend, assaulted Bengre leading to the latter’s death,” said the sources in prison. Prison sources confirmed that Karbotkar had developed close ties with Bengre after the latter was brought on a production warrant from Punjab, and was waiting for the right time to hit Bengre.

Although various speculations are in the air out of which one is the possibility of contract killing that cannot be ruled out in this case. According to the sources, Bengre’s hold in the coastal belt had not gone well with other criminals operating in the area and Ashpak was also instrumental the murder of Grover, an hotelier from in north Goa coastal belt. Crime Branch is investigating whether any other gangs or his victims had put out a contract to kill Bengre.

Another angle that coming forward, in this case, is, maintaining of superiority amongst the inmates which is the regular affairs in all the jails. The murder of Ashpak is also speculated as the fall out of superiority race in jail. Whatever the reason behind this murder but one thing is clear “if you live with a sword you will die with one day” Ashpak has met his fate in the jail and now let’s wait and watch who the next is. If you wish to leave your comments on this issue please do go ahead.

Source: Various sources        


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