Who Killed The Notorious Gangster Vinayak Karbotkar in Sada Sub Jail? The Report

On the January 24th, 2017, just three days prior to his shifting from the Sada sub-jail to Colvale Central Prison, the notorious gangster Vinayak Karbotkar was mysteriously killed inside the jail by unknown persons. The death of Karbotkar became the subject of custodial death, regardless of the fact who killed him inside the jail premises. Who Killed Vinayak Karbotkar is still remains the mystery but what lead to his death and how he got killed inside the jail is something that has been getting speculated. This report will provide the insights into the Vinayak Karbotkar’s death under the mysterious circumstances.The case has been transferred to the Crime Branch and soon the more light will be put on this issue but what will be the direction of the investigations and what are the points that Crime Branch of Goa police will look into while doing their investigations? This report will put more light on that.

Vinayak Karbotkar was killed while in the police custody and that itself makes this case more mysterious. Karbotkar was not an innocent, but while in the custody, he was the responsibility of the jailor and jail staff. According to earlier media reports, on the night of 24th January there was a jailbreak attempt in the Sada Sub jail and in this attempt, Karbotkar had lost his life. According to reports, altogether, 49 jail inmates attempted an escape from the sad sub-jail which was ultimately failed but the outcome of this jailbreak was the death of one of the inmates in mysterious circumstances.

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Vinayak Karbotkar, who was shifted to Goa from Maharashtra jail around 6 months back on the transfer warrant was involved in the Ashpak Bengre murder case at Colvale Jail. Later he was shifted to Sada sub jail before getting shifted back to Maharashtra. According to the police reports, on the night of 24th January, two groups of prisoners clashed inside the jail premises that broke the security ring and damaged the jail property in which the jailer and some police personnel also got seriously injured. The scene at Sada sub Jail remained tensed after the jail inmates went berserk damaging the jail property and assaulting the jailor, said the sources. The sources have revealed that all the 49 inmates were supposed to get shifted to the Colvale Central Jail on 27th January.


Three days before the shifting of all the inmates to Colvale jail the attempt of jailbreak took place which ultimately resulted in the death of history sheeter Vinayak Karbotkar. According to the sources, Karbotkar had a strong hold on all the jail inmates after his involvement in the Ashfaq Bengre murder at Colvale. The reports say that on 24th January Vinayak Karbotkar became wild due some unknown reasons and started breaking the cameras and lights inside the jail premises. Reportedly, he also started bashing the jail inmates and the jail staff on the duty. Outraged with the Karbotkar’s action the jail inmates beaten him to death, says the police report. But the suspense behind Karbotkar suddenly getting wild still remains the mystery.


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According to the statement given by one of the inmates presents inside the jail premises on that day, Vinayak Karbotkar had become ruthless after he murdered another history sheeter Ashfaq Bengre in Colvale jail and he always wanted to establish his superiority over the other jail inmates inside the jail. For petty reasons, he used to beat up the jail inmates. One of the inmates very close to Karbotkar told the media that, Karbotkar had hidden the cash Rs. 1 Lakh and one mobile phone inside his cell. On the day of incident Karbotkar was taken to Sindhudurg Jail in Maharashtra but later he was brought back to Goa due to some reasons. On his return back to his cell at around 10.30pm on 24th January, he found the cash and mobile are missing and became wild. On the fit of anger, he started smashing the CCTV cameras and lights inside the jail premises and he also attacked those who tried to stop him. According to the reports, jail staff was his main target in this attack as he was convinced that the reason behind the misplacement of cash and mobile was due to the involvement of jail staff. The report further says that suddenly all the lights went off and later Karbotkar was found lying dead inside his cell. The postmortem report suggested the reason of death as hemorrhage and shock due to the combined multiple body injuries which according to them was caused by the strike of blunt object something like sticks or iron rods.

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The investigations revealed that the main switch of the power supply to the entire jail premises was put off by someone and the DVR of the CCTV was also broken by some unknown persons. Now the crime branch is working on the following points.

  1. Who killed Vinayak Karbotkar?
  2. How all the lights went off suddenly?
  3. Who stole his cash and mobile?
  4. Why was Vinayak taken to Sindhudurg without prior notice?      

Once all the answers of the above questions get cracked by the Crime Branch, the real reason and culprits behind the murder of Karbotkar will get exposed. Till then there are only speculations which may lead the right directions of the investigation. 

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