Kerkar Art Complex

This soothing art gallery showcases the colourful paintings, photographs and sculptures of local artist Dr Subodh Kerkar; it’s worth a stop for a bite at its multicuisine Waves Restaurant. The complex also offers open-air dance recitals every Tuesday night. Subodh Kerkar gave up his medical profession to pursue his passion, visual art. For the past 20 years he has experimented with different media creating a niche for himself, especially in the field of land art and conceptual art. Subodh specializes in creating works using natural materials like shells, bamboo, stones and pebbles. He has also worked with plants. Subodh is the only artist in the country doing monumental works in nature.

Some of the large projects which he handled include: Half a kilometer of installations at Miramar Beach, Goa during the inaugural International Film Festival of India in 2004. Recently Subodh created one kilometer long work titled ‘Unfolding of a Dream’ which incorporated 600 Tibetan prayer flags.

The Kerkar Art Gallery mainly showcases the works of Subodh Kerkar, a famous installation artist. Installation art is basically a 3 dimensional work which can be site specific, but overall aims to modify perceptions of a space. Coming back to the artist, Mr. Kelkar quit his medical profession to follow his heart which was set on visual arts and has been dabbling and experimenting with different materials since the last 20 years. His works have been showcased in many art shows and galleries, both at home and abroad. The artist believes that each matter or object has its own story to tell and that’s precisely what he has been trying to communicate successfully through his art. Apart from his own works, you will find here the works of a number of other modern contemporary artists. The gallery also hosts workshops which welcome aspiring and established artists to join debates concerning the variance in artist traditions between the Oriental and the Occidental, or to put it more simply, the East and the West.



The Kerkar Art Complex is a rightful place for Goan artists to showcase their art and craft to interested people. It is indeed very popular among the locals and the foreigners who are interested in the fine aspects of culture and art. Since it is located on the beachside, it attracts many curious people who eventually develop a taste in art and music.

On every Thursday and Fridays, the complex and its surroundings become active and lively as experts of both dance and music proudly display their performances. It is undoubtedly a treat for everyone to see these experts performing their arts with dedication and finesse. The Arts complex encourages local artists to come forward and provides a good platform where they will feel comfortable in showcasing their talents.

This is a unique experiment among art exhibition spaces in India. The Kerkar Art Gallery has hosted many Goan artists and focuses mainly on promoting native ‘Goan’ art. The gallery cum retreat also regularly organizes workshops for painters and sculptures

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