A nine member delegation from Kenyan National Space Secretariat, Govt. of Kenya headed by Mr. Elijah Mutea Iringo, Principal Secretary, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of Kenya visited GSL on 16th March 2015. The Kenyan delegation had wide ranging discussions with RAdm Shekhar Mital, NM, IN (Retd), CMD GSL on areas of maritime cooperation, Shipbuilding and other areas of defence cooperation.

During the visit, a presentation was made to the Kenyan delegation on GSL’s in-house design capability, product profile and future programmes. The delegation was conducted around the shipyard and apprised of the ongoing series construction of OPVs for Indian Defence forces as well as for export markets. The delegation was also shown infrastructure augmentation, being undertaken for MCMV project.

The Kenyan delegation lauded GSL on it’s R&D efforts and the infrastructure augmentation, being undertaken to meet the future production needs catering to defence requirements. The Principal Secretary, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of Kenya expressed keen desire to import GSL built ships for their Navy and enquired about delivery periods, costing, training etc. The delegation further interacted with Srilankan Navy delegation, which is presently in GSL to supervise the ongoing Srilankan OPV projects and also expressed deep satisfaction on ‘overseeing’ model being followed by GSL for ships under construction for export.

It is noteworthy that the Shipyard is executing large export orders from Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Myanmar.  Today GSL is the largest exporter of ships from country with present order book of over Rs 1200 Cr.


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