Kala Academy

Kala Academy is a prominent cultural centre run by the Government of Goa, in Goa, India. It is registered as a society, and was started in February 1970. It plays the role of being an “apex body to develop music, dance, drama, fine art, folk art, literature, etc. and thereby promote (the) cultural unity of Goa. It offers training through its faculty, and also organises festivals, competitions, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, and other programmes related to various forms of the local art. It has a General Council of 28 members, a 14-member Executive Board, and advisory committees for various sections.

It is funded by the Government of Goa, and is located at Campal, in Panjim. One of the most discerning assets of Goa is its rich cultural heritage, which produced a galaxy of artistes, who excelled in the field of art, music and drama, bringing name and fame to this serene land. Several artistes including Dinanath mangeshkar, Dattaram Volvoikar, Kesarbai Kerkar, Jitendra Abhisheki, Lata mangeshkar, Khaprumam Parwatkar, Antonio de Figueiredo, Trindade, Dinanath Dalal, Mario Miranda and many others have made a mark in their respective discipline and won the hearts of millions of fans across the world.

The Kala Academy, Goa was established by the Govt. of Goa as an apex body to develop Music, Dance, Drama, Fine Art, Folk Art, Literature etc. and thereby promote cultural unity of this State. Kala Academy Goa has a distinctive character of imparting training through its various faculties besides organizing on a regular basis festivals, competitions, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, discussions and debates, performances and taking up schemes and activities for preservation of traditional art forms.

Actiities carried are Awards function, Competition, Local Festivals, Workshop & Seminars, Exhibition. Academics Includes School Of Drama, Department Of Western Music, Faculty Of Indian Music & Dance, Repertory Company (Rangmelli), Rural Music Centres. The Black Box at the Kala Academy can accommodate a 250 strong audience (without chairs) and a capacity of 100 with chairs. Performances include plays, music concerts, competitions, seminars etc. The Exhibition Hall at the Kala Academy is truly a window to the world. From exhibitions of books and art and jewellery, the hall provides audiences with a wide variety of interests to choose from.



The Art Gallery at the Kala Academy is usually used for display of paintings from local as well as visiting artists. The Open-Air Arena at the Kala Academy is offered to members of the public to organize Exhibitions, Weddings etc. There is also a Mini Open Air Amphitheatre. Library The Kala Academy has a huge library in its premises. Books, reference material, transparencies and musical spools adorn the Academy’s prestigious library.

The Kala Acdemy has also four Schools of Music viz. The School of Indian Music, The School of Western Music, The School of Drama and The School Of Dance. Kala Academy Goa, the premiere institute acting in the field of Art & Culture has been doing Yeoman Service in identifying, nurturing and promoting art. Thus, it has evolved as centre of various forms of art. Ever since its inception, it has been bedrock of huge number of activities and programmes organized across various fields and discipline of art to fructify the goals and aim of this institute.

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