A reckless driving by the driver of a Kadamba Bus, (a state-run transport service) caused a severe accident at Farmagudi near Ponda. According to the owner of the private bus, the driver of Kadamba bus was drunk (please watch the video clip) 12 passengers have been seriously injured in this accident, and the driver of the private bus is in a critical condition, said the sources. The seriously injured people have been admitted into GMC (Goa Medical College while the minor injured is being treated at the Local District Hospital in Ponda.

According to the reports, the private bus was on its way to Ponda from Panaji while the Kadamba was traveling in the opposite direction when the driver of Kadamba Bus supposed to have lost the control over the bus and rammed into the private bus coming from the opposite direction.

The eyewitness has blamed it onto the Kadamba Bus Driver who was apparently during in a rash and negligent manner, “You can clearly see the position of Kadamba bus,” said the owner of the Private Bus adding that “The accident took place due to the gross negligence of the KTC driver.”

The driver of Kadamba Bus managed to escape unhurt in this accident while, the driver of the private bus suffered severe injuries and his treatment is underway at GMC, Goa.

The traffic on the Ponda – Panaji road was collapsed for some time due to the accident. The owner of the private bus had alleged that the driver of Kadamba Bus was drunk and asked the police to take strict action against him, police doing the further investigation.

Most of the road accidents take place due to the negligence on the part of the driver, and this is one of the typical examples of the same. What are your views on this? 


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