Just Ride – Now hire a car from Monday to Friday just for Rs. 4000

Individuals come up with many creative ideas in different sectors and when it works in a right direction obviously they are benefitted. But there are very few who comes up with something which can also help the society to grow along with them. When the self -drive car rental market is creating its own platform in the market JustRide is launching a new product for corporate and distinct travellers.  This works in a way, that it allows a person to hire a car from Monday to Friday for just Rs 4,000.

JustRide is the first self-drive car rental company in India, founded by IIT’ANS from Mumbai and NIT Allahabad alumni- Aishwarya Pratap Singh, Hemant Shah, Abhishek, Vasant and Amit Sahu. A company official says that this new weekly rental service, named ‘Ubiq’, aims to increase carpooling at the corporate level. It will discourage individuals from buying cars as well as will help to reduce pollution and traffic jams. This can also give a good platform for the drivers waiting to buy a car and who cannot afford to buy their own.  This will work well in accordance with the initiative taken up by the company. Any driver who carries a valid driving licence can pick a car from JustRide and can use it. This will work under the Uber or Ola, the taxi apps on your phone.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] Bharath P Nathan, Bangalore Mirror, executive director, operations, of JustRide, says that “Unlike other players, our team is very thin with very high technology knowledge. Our prime business model is self-drive. Other than this our CEO Ashwarya Prathap Singh has come up with a unique product called ‘Ubiq‘.”

Besides all other advantages to the beneficiary like an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative provided by them will also be added to bonus for customers with the opportunity to try their hand at different types of cars every week every time which is the main USP of ‘Ubiq’.

As said by Bharath P Nathan, Ubiq has already started spreading its footprint from the time its launch on Sunday by around two dozen customers. Presently Ubiq is having 10 renting locations in Bengaluru. It also has its branches along, in Mumbai, Pune and NCR.


If one is planning to buy a car he has to think again as special features of this new product of JustRide’s ‘Ubiq’ is that the rent cars starting at Rs. 4000 per week with doorstep delivery and pick-up. You can also share the car and the rental with your friends and loved ones and yes off course you are getting a Pre Insured Car. All these key features will make to think twice for a new car. While Speaking about Ubiq and its competition in the market Bharath says, “JustRide provides value-added services like home delivery and unlimited kilometre options unlike their competitor, Zoom. Besides, all their cars are equipped with airbags and ABS (anti-lock braking system)”.

The company started in August 2015 and today it has more than 125 cars with over 60,000 customers who are engaged with them. They also have plans to expand their fleet in the near future. The company will use the records for technology excellence, hiring, and with dispersing it to more cities.

While explaining about the costing of  Ubiq, Bharath said, JustRide charges an affordable deposit of Rs. 999 which is refundable and the maximum liability is Rs 3,000. The car rental aggregator’s chief technical officer Hemant Shah says, “We have more than 65,000 customers on the city’s platform who are regular customers. We have also announced a zero-deposit scheme for loyal customers. We plan to add 100 cars every month.” Their new idea to provide drivers with cars had also been already liked and hit with more than 40 drivers who have already enrolled in the scheme.

Ubiq Works on a registration basis. One has to go through the small procedure. Firstly, one has to choose preferred car, location and time slot, Schedule your pick-up and drop at a convenient time and hit register. After registration one will receive a confirmation call and whether you wish to pay the fare by yourself or share it with your friends. A payment link will be sent through email.

It could be clearly seen that Ubiq will be exciting offer for travellers and drivers showing the greater range of creating their own place in the market with Car rental. With Ubiq, one can drive a car, on the same fraction of the cost of purchasing one of own. Here, people will get to rent a car only as and when they want, No strains of maintenance, insurance and EMI’s, but yes, in the case of damage the maximum liability will be Rs.3000. Hence, one can spend and save smart. No doubt, people will make best out of this and will come up with something new again all over which will be beneficial for all.[/su_expand]

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