It Happens only in India – 15 Most Amazing Facts about India

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It happens only in India is a very famous phrase describing our Incredible India some are funny and some may be very serious, here I to bring to you some hilarious and some very serious facts about our Incredible India which will make you think twice. Please do not forget to leave your comments at the end of this article.

# Fact – 1
Railway crossing is regular scene in many parts of India, people sometimes do not care if there is crossing pole has put to stop the traffic from crossing as railway is just about to arrive. How many times have you witnessed this? Have a look at this, This Happens only in India

#Fact – 2

This is very serious fact which took place in India in which the 6-year-old girl’s kidneys were found ‘missing’ after operation at Delhi’s AIIMS, I am very sure that this kind of things do not happen in any part of the world . This Happens only in India 


# Fact – 3
The most extreme things in any of the following field can be witnessed only in India. The best use of technology, cops bitten by the public & beggars using the mobile phones. This Happens only in India

#Fact – 4

The best way to leverage the space and colleagues while on the work. This Happens only in India

# Fact – 5
No mother is like Mother India and the best example of this you can witness every nook and corner of India. Do you agree with me? Check this out. This Happens only in India

# Fact – 6

Do you know the inside story behind the Harley Davidson? Please check this out. This Happens only in India

# Fact – 7
Have you seen the best use of one ground one can make or how many games can be played on single ground at the same time? Find out here. This Happens only in India

# Fact – 8

Travelling on Indian roads is not an easy task as many potholes and assholes makes the journey miserable, I am sure you must have experienced this at least once in your lifetime. This Happens only in India

# Fact – 9
You are aware of the fact that when you visit the park or amusement place you have to pay the entry fees how about paying some nuisance fee too? This Happens only in India

# Fact – 10

You don’t want to use the Bluetooth headset or wired earphones then here is the best technique you can learn from this gentlemen, how to use your mobile phone on the two wheeler. This Happens only in India

# Fact – 11
You receive lots of highly annoying candy crush saga play request from your friends on the facebook which drives you mad many a times but do you know how much trouble they take to send you that request? Check out this lady who is busy playing candy crush saga on the floor of the local train in Mumbai. This Happens only in India

# Fact – 12

Sports in India do not bring any fortune to you unless you are playing cricket. What a sad it is, we have seen Milkha Singh and Merry Kom struggling to reach to the top and finally making it. But it needs lots of dedication and capacity to fight with the existing system in India. Check out this boxing champion from Haryana is working as domestic help to survive. This happens only in India   

# Fact – 13
Do you really think that following the traffic rule is difficult? Then check this out. This Happens only in India

# Fact – 14

Copying in examination is one of the trends in India. Most of the students either pass by copying or taking tuition in India. This is the landmark picture of Bihar where the relatives of the students have climbed the building to help their pupils in the examination. This Happens only in India

# Fact – 15
Coffee maker with the instant supply of the milk, even the inventor of that machine must have thought of this idea. This Happens only in India

That’s all folks for now, I will get back with some more stories on India soon, till then you can please leave your comments and suggestions on this.

By Rajesh Ghadge
[email protected]

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