iPhone 11 or iPhone 12? Which One Should You Choose?

iPhone 11 or iPhone 12
The Latest iPhone 12

Yet another series in an already long list of iPhone siblings. iPhone 12 and its tiny siblings are finally here! And without a doubt, we are excited. Apple is notorious for having a one up with all its new products, so did they achieve it this time? 

Here are a few major differences we noticed in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12

Money Matters

Talking of money, iPhone 11 is definitely less heavy on the pockets. And let’s be honest, we Indians want the most for the least amount of money. An iPhone 11 currently ranges from 54900INR while the least expensive iPhone 12 mini is 64900INR. The standard iPhone 12 is 79900INR. In that comparison, iPhone 11 is still cheaper and after the release of the iPhone 12, Apple has reduced the prices of the iPhone 11. Not to mention, iPhone 11 will still be on the market for a year so you can grab that if you want to.

Design May Leave Something To Be Desired

The iPhone 12 series has gone back to its olden days with the box-like flat sides. Of course, it’s a super tough ‘Ceramic shield’ but there’s a reason the design was left to the yesteryears – comfort. The angular edges are tough to hold for extended periods of time. And frankly, the images of the iPhone 12 mini is reminiscent of the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 12 may still be very comfortable but this is just the initial reaction.

5G and More?

The iPhone 12 supports 5G connection and yes 5G is the future and we’re all here for it but presently, India doesn’t even have a 5G connectivity and in the rest of the world too, 5G connections are spotty at best. What are we even going to do with this feature?

So a piece of advice here, if you’re buying an iPhone 12 purely for 5G support, don’t. You’ll be better off with an iPhone 11.

What Happens To iPhone 11?

Well, Apple is still keeping it in the market for a year. If you own it already, don’t worry. The 11 series is no iPhone 12 with its 5G support, but the older version still holds its own. It has years of iOS updates still left in it, so don’t kick it to the curb just yet.

You have absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of longevity.

Okay, yes it’s iPhone 12 and yes it’s better than iPhone 11 in terms of specs and performance. It has a better camera, durability, graphics, video recording, and night modes.

It all boils down to personal preference. To be honest, on paper at least, the iPhone 12 looks better but is it for you? What you expect from an iPhone, iPhone 11 can do for you, sometimes even better than the 12 series. It’s easy to be attracted to the shiny new phone on the market, but just be sure that it is what you actually want.

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