Instances of Covid-19 Mismanagement Within GMC Continues To Surface

COVID Ward in GMC (Representational Image)

The state’s top medical hospital – Goa Medical College – continues to be at the forefront of the state’s fight against the pandemic, however, the news of mismanagement within the premises continue to raise the question mark on its services and integrity. 

Previously, instances of neglect on par of the authorities had surfaced wherein a patient had circulated videos and images of another patient having vomited blood, but no authorities tended to him or even cleaned up the blood on the floor. 

Now, another relative has stated neglect on the path of the authorities at Goa Medical College. He stated that no beds were available for his relative, a senior citizen, who was covid-19 positive. 

He stated that when brought to GMC, no beds were available, and as such, the patient was kept on the floor for that night. He further also said that after several efforts, he managed to get a bed for the patient the next day. 

“Being a senior citizen, they kept him (the relative) on the floor. We were lucky to get a bed the next day,” the person said.


This however has been occurring within GMC, as according to sources it is learned that the hospital has been filled with patients with covid-19, and as such, no beds were available for new admissions. 

Health Minister Vishwajit Rane also recently said that the beds at GMC were full and that the hospital will be converting more wards to treat covid-19 patients. 

Further, the relative of the same patient even accused the GMC officials of not providing adequate oxygen cylinders when the ones used were exhausted. Patients face several instances of no oxygen supply being provided to them. He even stated that those coming for regular treatment to GMC, end up getting the virus, thereby testing positive for the coronavirus infection. 

Also, it is learned that people have been walking in and out of ward 148 (covid ward) at GMC without any precautions, and as such, the transmission of the virus is highly likely to occur, many a time infecting covid negative patient.  

Furthermore, several instances of violation of social distancing norms have been observed wherein patients are seen crowded in lines for covid tests or for other test requirements. All this at a time when the state has been recording high numbers of coronavirus infections daily. 

Another allegation made by the relative of the patient points out that GMC authorities were making use of same equipment – stretchers and wheelchairs – for both, non-positive as well as covid positive patients. 

However, according to sources, the hospital ensures due precautions are taken when positive patients are transferred using wheelchairs or stretchers. Furthermore, it is understood that nurses and other attendants ensure proper sanitisation of the equipment. 

Also, several other patients have complained of unhygienic conditions around the hospital premises with several disregards for patients and their daily needs. Social distancing norms too have been not always followed within the hospital premises. 

A doctor, on the condition of anonymity, said that the hospital is doing its best and people should be understood too to maintain distance and follow all safety norms. 

Several of deaths due to the virus have been recorded to having been occurred within the GMC hospital. The hospital caters to critically ill and severely affected patients from the state, with nearly 25 daily cases of pneumonia needing admission at GMC, dean Dr. Shivanand Badekar stated. 

He also said that many patients come to the hospital only when they are completely breathless and by then hardly much can be done to save patients. 

Goa’s healthcare infrastructure and hospital beds have been facing acute pressure after a massive surge of cases this month. Gloomily, Goa’s situation is set to get worse, with more surges expected in the coming weeks. Healthcare professionals continue to urge the public to get themselves tested as soon as possible to prevent serious complications. 

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