Installed new iOS 10 on your iPhone? Learn some handy tips and tricks that will make your work easier

Apple iOS 10 is here, ready for download on iPhones, iPads. the latest update to Apple’s mobile platform is a little bit special. You’ll find countless new features, app updates, fresh functionality, tweaks, and tricks to help you refine your experience on the iPhone or iPad. Even if you’re familiar with iOS, it’s going take you some time to feel your way through all these improvements and unlock all the hidden gems. Here are all the tricks and tips of iOS 10 from notifications to Siri to the Locked Screen.

Installed new iOS 10 iPhone Learn handy tips tricks work easier

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Notifications, Widgets

First, let’s start with the notifications, which are now much bigger and prominent. If you have an app open, and a notification comes in, it is now much more prominent. Just pull down the notification and you’ll see an action menu pop-up. So in the case of a Whatsapp message, when a notification comes through, at the bottom, you’ll see the option to reply instantly. Or just hit cross on the top and dismiss the notification.

Just like notifications, widgets have gotten better in iOS 10 and are bigger. Now when you slide left from the main home screen, the entire widgets menu appears. Widgets are a quick way to access your apps, scrolling through the screens to get to them. To add more widgets to the menu, scroll to the bottom, tap the edit option, and at the bottom, you’ll see which ones can be added. Hit done, once you’ve managed it. The list will also let you remove widgets.

Locked Screen

In iOS 10, the iPhone and iPad now support ‘Raise to Wake’. Just lift your iPhone, and the screen will come to life, so yes you don’t need to tap on the power button anymore. The Locked Screen now has four different features. You can slide left to see your widgets, recent apps, slide right for the complete camera app. Also, tap the home button and it unlocks. And yes swiping up, still brings the new redesigned Control Centre. To access Apple Music from Locked Screen, just swipe left on Control Centre and it will show up.

Locked Screen now supports interactions with notifications as well and it is possible to take actions like reply, etc straight from this screen.


Siri has a lot more uses now, and the third-party support means, more features could be on the way soon as developers start taking advantage. Booking an Uber is now possible via Siri, and you even get the option of choosing between UberGo and UberX. Zomato has also taken advantage of Siri, and now requests like order food from Zomato, or order biryani will show some results. Whatsapp is another app which has Siri integration. You can send Whatsapp Messages from Siri itself or even make voice calls. But you’ll need to go to Siri’s privacy settings and give her access. Go to Settings>Siri> App Support (right at the bottom) and toggle on access for the required apps.

Photos app

Photos app has a new memories tab. You’ll see some albums created already in your app depending on how many pictures you have on the iPhone. These Memory albums are based on location, date, time when the pictures were taken. So you might your weekend getaway put together into an album with a cover and a title all added.

Memories also create a memory movie; just tap on the play symbol next to the album title image and it will play automatically To edit the title, movie, tap the black background and you’ll see options to tinker with the music. To change the title, tap on the little settings tab below; fix the title, text style, number photos, the name of the Memory album.

Apple iMessage

iMessage has many features and it doesn’t look anything like the app from iOS 9. You’ll now see the App Store symbol and Digital Touch (Heart with Two Fingers) next to the camera symbol on an iMessage thread. The App Store Symbol will show options like Recent, Music Images and Store. The store is from where you can download apps, stickers etc. Apple Music is for sharing Apple Music, Images, is for GIFs.

In order to scribble on a photo, you can just tap on it before sharing, and then hit ‘Markup’ and go ahead and do some colorful annotations, depending on how good your skills are. In order to send Digital Touch, just tap the Heart symbol. A little blackboard sort of space opens up with a video camera option at the bottom. Tap on that, record your video and draw on it as you do so. Once done, just send. The Digital Touch space also gives detailed instructions on how to send hearts, kisses, etc in case you’re into that sort of thing.

In order to send handwritten notes, switch to landscape mode and the pre-written notes appear. Add more text if you feel like. For invisible ink, confetti, balloons, just long press the blue send button and another menu pops open. All the options will appear there itself and you can choose from a variety of effects.

Deleting Apple Apps

Yes, iOS 10 finally gives you the power to remove inbuilt Apple apps like Stocks, iBooks, FaceTime, even Apple Watch app, and Contacts. But do note that when you delete these apps, they can be instantly downloaded. It seems deletion is more of a way to hide these apps that reopen as soon you click on download option in the App store. No, you can’t delete the Settings, Photos, Camera, Apple Wallet, Phone, Safari, Find My iPhone and Clock app just yet.




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