The insider’s story of Pedamol Comunidade plot sale, the biggest land scam of Goa

Here is the insider’s story of the Comunidade land Pedamol scam that was exposed by the local daily Heraldo day before and here is the report of how this actually was done and the core evidence behind this scam. The Comunidade land in Shirvoi was illegally ‘sold’ to migrants piece by piece leading to an illegal colony formation of around 200 houses and bungalows. There are many more shocking details that will keep you stunned. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] As reported by the daily Heraldo there are more details of this Comunidade land in Shirvoi, (Pedamol). It was illegally sold and calls for a criminal investigation. This report has exposed a scam in Comunidade system and local revenue officials. There has been no official reaction yet from them.

It was revealed in the last report that how 200 houses were built on Comunidade land, mainly for migrants from Karnataka, who were allowed the use of this land. It has been learned that the Attorney of this Comunidade issued affidavits falsely declaring the buyers as Mundkars and Tenants.

As per the affidavit, Haraldo has got, it has been sworn by the then Attorney of the Comunidade to facilitate buyers of land at Pedamol.

Here is an example of an affidavit by Shri Ghanashyam Anant Sinai Shirvoikar, aged 67 years, elected Attorney of Sirvoi Comunidade, “I say that Comunidade of Sirvoi is the owner of the property PEDAMOLE, which as a whole is enrolled under Mattiz nos. 825….and as a whole surveyed under survey holdings 88/1; 88/3; 96/1 all of the village Sirvoi within the limits of village Panchayat Xeldem in Quepem Taluka. I say that the property under survey no. 88/1 is occupied, possessed and continuously enjoyed by different mundkars, cum, tenants having their respective residential dwelling houses in the respective portions/parts of the property, the respective mundkars have no any obligation of service nor any services are rendered to the Comunidade” says the affidavit.


The affidavit further states “one of the mundkar-cum-tenants is Shri (name withheld), aged 38 years, resident of Pedamol, Xeldem, Sirvoi, Quepem, Goa and occupies part of the property under survey no. 88/1 of village Sirvoi of Quepem having a residential/dwelling house, cultivating therein chilies, seasonally varied vegetations, etc.”

Accordingly the affidavit signed by the attorney included the name of the person to whom the land was handed over to construct a house and this person was falsely declared the mundkar allowing him to enjoy those rights.

The affidavit in order to stamp the rights of this false mundkar further states, “The said person is in continuous enjoyment of part of the said property as mundkar-cum-tenant without any interruption of the Comunidade and has no objection to declare said (name withheld) as mundkar-cum-tenant of the part of the above said property as also consider the residence therein and take, cognizance of the same by Sirvoi Comunidade and by any concerned authorities.”

This affidavit is a final evidence that proves that then attorney in 2006, on the basis of these affidavits sworn and given to several people managed to make several people mundkars in the land and has allowed the houses to come up which can be seen.

This is said to be one of the hundreds of affidavits by successive attorneys of the Sirvoi Comunidade just to allow people to come and settle at this place mostly for money.

After the first report by Herald, one resident on this Pedamol land said “I have been staying in Pedamol for quite some time and have bought a ready house for nearly about 4 lakh rupees, some years ago. We never knew that it will be full of illegalities and now we feel insecure there.” She added,has“I was also suggested by my son-in-law to sell it off and get to a better legal place but I ignored him then.”

We would have never known about this fact and the whole big illegal process on the land. Accordingly this lady may not be alone. There are many who have been cheated to believe that the land on which they constructed their houses on legal or the houses they bought from previous owners were above board. There will also be a possibility that others who may have bought into this illegality purposely, confident enough that the corrupt system would always be continuing the way it has been for years now.

The houses on this land have all the facilities provided which will be not seen for those legal houses waiting for its many years now. Pedamol houses have gardens with a car parked in garages. One can see several hundred of houses and surprisingly having large gardens in front and also car garages. It could be seen that every house had a car and two wheelers and independent car garages for the same. There are Quepem Municipal Council printed dustbins at Pedamol.

It was actually surprising to witness a commercial establishment like retail shops with a huge temple on an area of nearly 500 square meters can also be seen prominently on this land.




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