Ingo’s Saturday Night Bazaar

As you can see from the name, the market takes place on Saturdays. This event happens only during the high tourist season on a large fenced area between the Arpora and Anjuna city resorts. The first season night market is usually arranged before the New Year, while the last one is organized at the end of April (the business hours: from 4:00 p.m till 11:00 p.m). The Saturday Night Market in Arpora is a must for sightseeing which every tourist should visit while traveling to Goa. On Saturday evenings the entertainment spots are usually empty because the tourists are flocking to the market. Travel agencies organize special trips to Ingos Saturday Nite Bazaar for tourists who are having their vacations in South Goa.

The Saturday Night Market or Ingo’s Saturday Night Market in Arpora attracts a huge number of local and foreign traders, including European. The range of products includes almost everything you can imagine starting with the penny baubles and trinkets and also with the high-quality branded products and jewelry. Prices are usually too high in comparison to the shops and day markets, but still you will have a great opportunity to try your skills in the pursuing of dealing prices down to your own desire.


The range of food offered in different restaurants here is almost inexhaustible. At the Saturday Night Market in Arpora you can try amazingly tasty dishes from nearly all international cuisines starting from the local food and Tibetan momo all the way to the German pretzels. All this mixing of people, tastes, smells and colors happens with a backdrop of Goa trance music and lighting effects. The music is played in the restaurants and on the stage in the center of the market. This scene is specifically built for everyone who really wants to have some fun singing whatever he likes to. There is always a wide empty space around the square, which is usually quickly filled with people dancing. Often big trance parties are held at the Night Market


Shopping at the Saturday Night Bazaar at Arpora is a great weekend activity, as the market offers an exciting mix of shopping opportunities ranging from sumptuous foodstuff, herbs and spices to handicrafts, bags, accessories, designer jewellery, rugs and carpets. The “night” factor of the Arpora market not only allows you to shop while the weather is pleasant but also adds a happening feel to it

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