Indian travelers spending powers has doubled in last two years – Report

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Tourism is one of the fastest growing businesses across the globe. People travel across the world every year, but now the Indian tourist is gaining the height in this industry. According to the Visa Global Travel Intentions Study 2015, the Indian tourist is likely to spend more on traveling from 2,823 USD per trip in 2013 to 4,500 USD on their journey in 2016. It is quite a steep increase in spending by Indian tourist, now who will say that India is a poor country.
According to the sources, the rise in the spending capacity is directly proportionate to the longer period of travel with average bookings of nine nights in the hotels. The Indian travelers spending capacity has been significantly grown comparing to their counterparts in Asia-Pacific and other parts of the world. According to the source, Australia is the most favorite international destination for Indian travelers, followed by the USA, Singapore, and the UK. The studies have revealed that 75% of the travelers have the tendency of getting attracted towards getting engaged into the activities which please them while the 30% of the travelers choose the destinations which are new to them and wants to know more about the same.
The sources have also revealed that the major reason behind the traveling is the ‘opportunity to bond’ which attracts the 50% of the tourist. The studies have revealed that people from the age group of 35-45 years are most likely travel to escape from their hectic and fast paced life while close to 41% of the travelers are adapted to the social networking platform and 39% travel review the sites during their trip to stay connected and informed about their destination.
Indians also have the tendency of sharing their experiences in their course of travel in the real time out of which 93% are always connected online, on social media, sharing their images and experiences. The studies have also revealed that travel outlook of the domestic tourist will remain steady for the next two years, according to which they will take six international trips in a year comparing to the five in previous year.
Goa also has a huge potential to divert some of the tourists by implementing the various activities which tourism department is planning for the last whole year. The new season is expected to bring huge international tourist to Goa but if you look at the domestic tourist market it looks to be more promising. Please do leave your valuable comments and suggestions.

Source: PTI
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