Indian Gangster Chota Rajan arrested in Bali, Indonesia


The most infamous underworld don and one of the India’s most wanted criminal, Chota Rajan was arrested by the Indonesian police in Bali on Sunday, the news of his arrest flashed up on all the major channels in India. Chota Rajan was on the run for more than two decades. The Indonesian police managed to nab Chota Rajan on a tip-off from Australian police that disguised 55-year-old Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalje alias Mohan Kumar alias Chota Rajan, the friend turned foe of international terrorist Dawood Ibrahim, had flown from Sydney to Indonesia’s popular tourist destination Bali.
The news of the arrest of Chota Rajan was confirmed by the home minister Rajnath Singh and CBI director Anil Sinha from Delhi. According to Mr. Singh, after the proper verification process the culprit will be handed over to the Indian government. “The appropriate action will be taken by Interpol after the process of identification and verification,” Rajnath Sigh told the media.
The sources have revealed that Chota Rajan was travelling across the world with different names and passports. The CBI Interpol, India had requested Bali police to arrest the Indian national, Mohan Kumar alias Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalje alias Chota Rajan, the Indian fugitive, for whom the CBI was perusing the matter with Australian authorities, said the CBI spokesperson Devpreet Singh. She also claimed that the arrest was the result of close coordination between Indian, Australian and Indonesian police. “We like to thank Indonesia and Australia for their prompt action at our request. We will initiate the further action in accordance with law,” she said.
The Maharashtra state home minister, Ram Shinde told media that they will request the authorities in the centre to handover Chota Rajan to them in Mumbai after he is brought down to India. The sources have said that Chota Rajan was living in Australia under a different identity and he was in constant touch with Indian authorities. Chota Rajan, born in Mumbai was wanted in India for past two decades under various criminal charges including, Murder, Possession and use of illegal firearms.

Who is Chota Rajan?

Many of you may know who Chota Rajan is, but some inhabitants of the new generation may not know about him, here is a brief history of Indian Don, Chota Rajan.

Chota Rajan
Chota Rajan

Chota Rajan alias Rajendra Sadashiv Nikhaljee who started his career as ticket black marketer in 1970 outside the movie theatre Sahakar Cinema at Tilak Nagar, Mumbai, was absorbed by Mumbai’s Don, Dawood Ibrahim and later he become the right hand of Dawood and after the escape of Dawood in 1984 Rajan took over the control of Mumbai underworld.

Started as petty thief and bootlegger of Rajan Nair alias Bada Rajan, Chota Rajan took over the reins of Bada Rajan gang after the murder of Bada Rajan. According to the available information, Bada Rajan was shot dead outside the Esplanade Court in South Mumbai by Chandrasekhar Safalika and Kunju of a rival gang. Chota Rajan avenged the death of his mentor by tipping off the police Inspector Emmanuel Amolik who killed Safalika in an encounter and Kunju was killed in his colony while playing cricket by Rama Naik on the order of Rajan. With these two killings, Rajan established himself in Mumbai’s underworld.

He came in contact with Dawood, who was a well-known gold smuggler of Mumbai in the early 1980s. Dawood was in search of strongman to take care of his operations in Mumbai and he found Rajan capable for this job. After the escape of Dawood to Dubai Rajan took over the operations in Mumbai till 1988 after which he also escaped to Gulf city, by the 1993 Dawood-Rajan had become the deadliest combination in Mumbai’s underworld but the serial Mumbai blasts in March 1993 changed the entire equations and this became major cause of split between Rajan and Dawood. The rivalry between Dawood and Rajan is very well known which created a big gang war in Mumbai killing many gangsters and their business associates and the rest is history.

The arrest of Chota Rajan is the proof of saying that “the crime never pays” and the criminal either end up in jail or get shot by their rivals.

Source: PTI
Edited by Goa Prism News Desk


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