In-human Treatment At a Private Hospital in Mapusa Despite Charging Huge Sum of Amount

Private hospitals are Mushrooming in the state looking at the high margin of profits gained from selling the medicines through their own in-house pharmacies and charging a huge sum of the money for the treatment. Here is one such case wherein the mother of a Mapusa resident Rajesh Marathe died in a private hospital situated in Mapusa while undergoing the treatment. She had gone to the hospital due to the issue of cold and breathing difficulty.

Rajesh Marathe narrated his story about the bad experience he had at the Galaxy Hospital Mapusa and the type of treatment he received from the staff and doctors of the hospital who charged him a huge sum of amount for the three days treatment.   

My mother was admitted to the Galaxy Hospital Mapusa on Monday 10th December 2018, due to cold and difficulty in breathing. She was admitted in ICU claiming that she needs intensive care, where she remained for 3 days.

Later, on 14th December at 2 am, I was informed by the resident doctor that she expired.


The sequence was like this: 

The hospital informed that the patient is no more, please pay this bill and take away the body.

I was alone, was shocked at hearing the news of my mother’s death who had walked into the Galaxy hospital for checkup due to cold and breathing difficulty.

I could barely think what to do at that time and was frantically calling friends and relatives as I needed some support. At 2 am people had to pick up the call, understand the situation. I got ready and reached Galaxy Hospital. Till anyone could arrive it took around 45 minutes. Within this time the hospital staff pressurized me at least 5 times to clear the bill and take away the body as they are not allowed to keep the body once the person is dead.

I was not carrying much cash as I had gone to sleep in the hospital at night. At 2 am where to take the body single-handedly? Without help arriving from where to pay the bill? At 2 am where to take the body and how?

The hospital staff put so much of pressure within the 45 minutes till help arrived that I almost collapsed mentally. Lastly, after help arrived we paid the bill and shifted the body at 4 am.

When these hospitals charge a bomb, why can’t they keep a small room for preserving the patient’s body during odd hours?

I had to pay a bill of Rs. 42,000/- for 3 days of ICU occupation plus medicines worth Rs. 35000 for 3 days of treatment. These medicines had to be purchased from their pharmacy only and handed over to the ICU staff. How and why they administered medicines worth Rs. 35000 in 3 days to 1 patient I do not know.

So my expense for 3 days in hospital of my mother was Rs. 77000.
I am really unhappy with the entire episode and would advise my friends to BEWARE of these type of private hospitals which are money printing machines without any respect and empathy towards the patient’s and their relatives.

**My concern is not that much about the money part or the line of treatment of the patient. I presume that it must be correct as the case was being handled by a senior and reputed Dr. Nagesh Dubhashi but I am terrified with the behavior of the Resident Doctor and staff after my mother was declared dead at 2 am.

Mapusa really needs the good hospital but my only worry is that with such incidences, GALAXY should not go the VRUNDAVAN way.

This is just one of the case wherein the relative of patient dared to post on the social media, there are more such cases taking place on daily basis in one or the other private hospitals in our country. Here the health issue has become the wealth issue, doctors and private hospitals are encashing on the opportunities.    

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