In an Attempt to Murder at Ribandar, The Accused Chopped the Wrist of a Victim

In one of the most gruesome attack of the time that took place on the late night of 7th July 2019 at Ribandar, a group of 4 had brutally attacked two people at Ribandar with the sword other weapons. One of the victims was very brutally butchered with the sword and he had to lose his palm which was chopped off from the wrist.

According to the sources, In a gruesome attack that took place at Ribandar on 07/07/2019 at 10:45 pm, Old Goa police have registered an attempt to murder case against 04 accused persons who are on the run presently.     

According to the statement of Old Goa PI Jivba Dalvi, the incident of an attack is the outcome of a previous attack on the Eknath Janu Gauns, residents of Taleigao. It took place at 9.30pm on the same night in Taleigao market.

The police sources revealed that the attack was pre-planned and was the outcome of the previous enmity. There are separate FIRs have been registered at the Panaji police station in this regards, said the sources.       


According to the police reports, after attacking Janu Gawas the accused made an escape from the scene on their two-wheelers but the victim and his friends followed the accused till Ribandar.

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Upon reaching the ferry point the victim and his friends managed to catch hold of the attackers and staged the attack on them with the choppers and swords.

Here the attackers (the victim and his friends) attacked the accused (the victims) Dilip Kankonkar, 35 yrs, R/o Nagali, Taleigao and his friend Krishna Kuttikkar, R/o Nagali, Taleigao with the sword and choppers.

During the attack, Krishna Kuttikar was injured severely as the left wrist of Krishna Kuttikkar was chopped off by the accused.  

The old Goa Police reached the spot after receiving the information of the attack and sent the severely injured Kuttikar to the hospital for medical treatment.

The old Goa police have registered the case against 4 attackers under sections 341,504, 506(ii), 307 R/w 34 IPC.

The attacker has been identified as Jack, Gaurish, Kamlesh and Manish all except Manish are from Nagali while Manish lives at Chorao, said the sources. Police have launched the manhunt against the accused persons. Further investigation is in progress. 

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