Illegal Liquor Worth Rs 11 Lakh Seized on Goa Border; Driver Flees From Spot

Illegal Liquor Seized
The Excise Sleuths Intercepted the truck on Goa border carrying illegal liquor (Image Source:NT)

In one of the biggest catch, Goa’s Excise department officials laid hands on a large consignment of illegal liquor that was being transported from Karnataka to Maharashtra, through Goa. 

According to the excise officials, the illegal liquor being transported was seized at the Goa-Karnataka border at Patradevi check-post. The truck was intercepted by the excise officials. 

The entire worth of the seized liquor amounts to nearly Rs11 lakhs. 

The Maharashtra registration truck, MH-04-JU-2243, was intercepted at the border. The truck driver, who was questioned about the consignment, said that the truck contained goods – reportedly furniture material – belonging to the Indian navy and it was being transported from the Mangaluru to Pune base of the armed forces establishment. 

The excise officials, however, decided to check the vehicle, and upon inspection, the illegal liquor in the truck was exposed. 

The permit letter that was shown by the truck driver to the excise officials also appeared to be fake. It even included that the truck need not be stopped at check-posts as it contains items belonging to defense personnel. Furthermore, the truck is to be permitted even in ‘no entry’ routes it stated. 


However, according to local reports, upon being further questioned, the truck driver fled from the spot, leaving behind the truck. 

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