I Think Rohan Is Scared of Me Thinking I will Support a Candidate In His Constituency, Says Lobo

Michael Lobo
Calangute MLA Michael Lobo

The Cold war between Porvorim MLA Rohan Khaunte and Calangute MLA Michael Lobo has reached its peak and in yet another bone of contention, the Calangute MLA has attacked the independent Porvorim MLA saying that Rohan Khaunte is scared of him. 

The two political figures have had a long history of attacking each other with their comments. In the recent case, MLA Lobo has claimed that Porvorim MLA Khaunte is scared of him as he may support someone in the next general elections. 

“MLA Rohan is scared that in the next election, I may support someone from his constituency,” Lobo said, adding that he is not against Rohan Khaunte, but the latter has always attacked him for several reasons, for which he is not at fault.  

“I am not against him at all. He (MLA Rohan Khaunte) was removed from the post of a minister; hence, he is taking personal revenge against me. You see, at every press conference he targets only Michael Lobo,” he said. 

Recently, Porvorim MLA Rohan Khaunte approached the Election commission office in Panaji with regards to a fake voter’s list from his constituency. He alleged that certain voter’s names were added, and has asked the commission to look into it. The election commission has accepted his letter and has stated that they will look into the MLA’s concerns. 

MLA Lobo, however, hitting back at this claim, questioned as to when the voter’s names were added in the electoral list, stating that the independent MLA is going about asking for the voter’s names to be deleted because he is aware that they won’t vote for him. 

“He is going to delete people from the voter’s list knowing they won’t elect him. When he was the revenue minister, he did everything he wanted. He brought whichever mamlatdar he wanted, the BLO’s he wanted. Who exactly put these names into the voter’s list and when must be looked into,” Lobo claimed.   

“Either he has lost his mind and that’s why he is making allegations against me that I have entered Porvorim and hence the crime rate has increased,” he said, adding a pat on his back on the several raids conducted in Calangute area as a positive step towards reducing the crimes in the area. 

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