How to download Every Google Search You’ve Ever Made

The logo and search page of the multi-faceted internet giant Google is displayed on a computer screen in London on April 13, 2006. Scott Barbour/Getty Images

It’s eye-opening to see what deeply personal secrets or insights into your life you give Google every time you make a search.

Now you can download a history of every Google search you ever made while logged into your Google account even though you have deleted them from your browser and or cleared the history thousand times but now google allows you to re-live those moments again by searching the entire history you have ever made from time you opened your google account. It could be anytime 1998 or 2002 you will get back all your embarrassing history from google.

Now you can start calculating what you have ever searched on the google and make sure that all your deepest secrets are there with the google which you just need to log into your account and download. “You can download all of your saved search history to see a list of the terms you’ve searched for,” a Google support page says. “This gives you access to your data when and where you want.” For the brave who want to view their history — and even delete it, there’s a quick way to gain access to your data. Just visit and log in with your Google account. It’s important to note that Google says only account holders can see their data. From there, click through a calendar view to explore what you searched for on any given date. While the content can be surprising, the frequency of how often one relies on Google search is also striking.

[pullquote-right]While the content can be surprising, the frequency of how often one relies on Google search is also striking[/pullquote-right]

For those who are oddly sentimental or just want to keep a record of their Google searches, the entire database can be downloaded by clicking the settings button in the upper right corner. Getting rid of a sordid search history is also easy. Choose settings, remove items and pick a time frame, including “from the beginning of time” to wipe your history clean. Individual items can also be deleted by checking the box next to them and clicking the “remove items” button. Overall, it’s like looking back in time to reveal everything from your medical history, to what you   cooking for dinner to your relationship status.

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