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Unlike all other politicians, Churchill Alemao has attained high level of respect in south Goa. People from south Goa upholds the Alemao family name with due respect. After the news of Churchill going behind the bars, people had started to queue up at the family residence of Churchill Alemao in Varca. The respect does not come out of the fear alone but the people respect the one who helps them without thinking twice and Churchill is very famous for helping people regardless of any constituency they belong to. It is not the hidden fact and many of you will agree to it.

Churchill is behind the bars for more than month and a half and all his well wishers wants to know about his health and how he is spending his time in the jail. Everybody does not manage to reach to the jail in Colvale which is far from his residence but a visit helps south Goa political stalwart Churchill Alemao to keep in touch with the outside world. According the sources in the jail former PWD minister keeps himself busy with prayers while he is not been meeting the guest.

Churchill Alemao is considered as Goa’s first politician to be lodged in the spanking new, state-of-the-art jail complex, whose construction, ironically, he had supervised under the PWD portfolio. The 66-year-old former PWD minister became Goa’s first politician to be a month on in the jail; the bulky six-footer seems unfazed by the cell’s confinement. “He is quiet and calm and reads a lot of books, mostly prayer books,” says inspector general of prisons, Elvis Gomes. The arts graduate also reads newspapers to keep him up to date on what’s making news.

The jail is termed as correctional home for the inmates by the government, although nothing such has been established in the cases of Benaulim and Navelim legislators but the former MP and PWD minister is apparently displaying the “Good Behavior” in the jail according to the sources. But if the government is correct about the results of being in jail is so much positive then why alone Alemao? But, perhaps, most of the politicians needs to be inside by now which in turn may offer better governance to the people of Goa in future.

The jail authorities have claimed that as testament to the firebrand speaker’s popularity, there’s no dearth of visitors every Tuesday and Friday. “We receive lots of requests to meet him, but we have now restricted the numbers,” says Gomes. Most visitors are largely from the large Alemao clan. Churchill’s immediate family alone comprises wife, Fatima, five daughters and a son. Social activist Aires Rodrigues, a visitor, says it was a “very cheerful” interaction with Alemao, who still has his wits about him.

The absence of a TV in his cell has eluded no foul cry from the football-loving politician, whose sports team bears his name, and he interacts with other prisoners during the recess from 11am to 12pm and 4pm to 5pm, claims the jail authority. As for food, Gomes says “Churchill gets food everyday from home, as he is on a diet”, and there’s also a daily dose of medicines for the knee replacement surgery he underwent.

Considering the verdict of the court comes in his favor on Monday, it will give some relief to this 66 year old Benaulim strongman. But only time will tell what will happen tomorrow but till then Churchill has prepared himself to remain calm and strong which will make these soaring days pass by soon. As a reader what do you think about this? Is Mr. Alemao deserves the freedom? He may have done one bad thing but he has done lots of good to the people of Goa? Please do leave your comments and suggestions on this issue.

Source: TNN

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