Hospitals in Goa Runs out of Beds Due To Sudden Spike in Cases

Covid Hospital Beds

With every day more than 2000 cases have been reported in Goa from the last week that made the situation in Goa serious the and now even the beds are not available in the hospitals which are resulting in the loss of several lives.  

According to CM Dr. Pramod Sawant, the strict lockdown had been announced to break the chain of covid and also reduce the pressure on hospitals in the state. 

“From Thursday night to Monday morning, there is a lockdown in the whole state. Essential services and restaurant kitchens will remain open for home deliveries. Industries will continue [to function], but public transport and markets will remain shut,” Sawant said.

Sawant appealed to the people, Specially the Migrant laborers to not to panic or leave the state as this is a short time lockdown and the routine activities will resume from Monday morning. He also instructed the tourists to stay inside their hotels during the 3-day long lockdown.

Meanwhile, CM said that the covid vaccination drive will continue as planned. According to the reports, the beds in hospitals are running out the queue of patients awaiting hospital beds was getting longer and longer. 

Goa recorded 2,110 fresh cases and 31 deaths on Wednesday, taking the number of infections to 81,908 and the death toll to 1,086. Around 16,591 people, close to 1% of Goa’s population, were currently infected with the virus, including more than a thousand, who were currently hospitalized

“We have to work towards reducing the mortality rate and the pressure on hospitals and doctors at the moment. We have taken this decision after consulting medical professionals in the field,” Sawant said adding that the late admission to hospitals was resulting in the loss of several lives that could have been saved.  

“Maximum deaths are taking place within 24-hours (of admission) with at least four patients expiring per day. At least two people are being brought dead to hospitals every day,” he said. 

Sawant stressed that those with symptoms should approach hospitals and not stay at home without treatment. “Start your treatment early,” he added while specifying that the Covid-19 treatment protocol had been modified in the state, recommending administration of medicines at the time of testing without waiting for the results.


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