Till date, many stories pertaining to the high profile sex rackets were exposed in the media but this one is completely different from since the people who are involved protects our nation and make the laws. Consider if the lawmakers and protectors get involved into sex racket what will happen to this country? Police have arrested some of the highly placed people in this sex racket and exposed many shocking realities existing in the system. Who are these people and what else police recovered in this raid? Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the available information from the reliable sources, Delhi police raided posh residential locality in Delhi and arrested highly placed people belonging to politics and defense sectors. Police have also recovered the documents such as letterheads belonging to MPs and senior politicians from BJP and SP said the sources.

Police have arrested a 62-year-old man and detained a retired colonial in the national capital’s Safdarjung area on Thursday last week. These raids have brought the dark side of the society wherein the top defense personnel, politicians and corporate were supplied with call girls to get the business deal done. The documents also revealed the involvement of illegal activities such as human trafficking and impersonation came into light.

Delhi police have claimed that they have arrested Pritindra Nath Sanyal from his residence at Safdarjung Enclave against whom the Income Tax authorities had sent a report containing details of illegal and criminal activities he was involved in.  The police have also detained a retired Colonel Ajay Ahlawat’s role.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Ishwar Singh said, “The Income Tax authorities carried out search and seizure operation on June 2, 2016, at the residences of accused Sanyal in Safdarjung Enclave, Vasant Kunj and Lucknow simultaneously. During the search, incriminating documents indicating his involvements in illegal activities like human trafficking and impersonation came to light. He further pointed out that a 23-year-old foreign woman was also found at her residence that was kept in captivity by the accused.

This is said to be one of the biggest raid carried out by the Delhi police till date. The senior police official claimed that this arrest is just a tip of an iceberg “We are now probing the involvement of retired Colonel Ajay Ahlawat.” During the search, copies of passports of other foreign women and phone numbers of dozens of foreign women belong to Central Asian countries were recovered from the residence of accused Sanyal, Claimed the police sources.

The police seized evidence in the form of Whatsapp Messages and SMS messages from the residence of accused Sanyal. Strangely, letterheads belonging to several MPs and senior politicians from BJP and SP were recovered which also bore their signatures. “He had also letterheads of two MPs – Naresh Agarwal and Jagdambika Pal – and he also used it to get his work done in government offices. Many fake letter heads of MPs were also recovered from the house,” said Singh.

Naresh Agrawal denied being connected to the sex racket. “Don’t do wrong things, someone is using my name in this. I want Delhi police to take a strict action against the culprits because it’s a very bad thing to use someone else’s name,” he said. An investigation conducted so far has revealed that Sanyal has sent messages to government officials and other senior functionaries, posing as Member of Parliament and other senior functionaries in the government for getting favor in certain business deals.  “The analysis of his phone record is being done to find out the details of other associates and victims,” the officer said.

During a search operation, the Income Tax authorities found a 23-year-old foreign national girl at the residence of accused Sanyal.  Shockingly, the evidence in the form of SMS and Whatsapp data of the mobile phone of the girl showed that the foreign national was being kept by the accused against her will and she was forced into prostitution and were top defense personnel, politicians and corporates were clients of Sanyal.

In the investigation, it is also revealed that the foreign national girl attempted suicide by cutting her wrist’s vein and she was taken to hospital for treatment by the Income Tax authorities.  The girl came to India on a tourist visa on February 25, 2016, and was taken to Jaipur, Sariska, and Delhi.  She also told that she was introduced to Sanyal by Retired Colonel Ajay Ahlawat whom police detained him for questioning. “Ahlawat is previously involved in many cheating cases,” Ishwar Singh said.

The foreign national girl travel documents including passport were forcibly kept by the Sanyal in his custody.  The Income Tax authorities recorded the statement of the girl during the search wherein she stated that she was feeling very insecure. “After her statement, she was allowed to leave,” said Singh. The police also seized messages exchanged between accused Sanyal and his associates revealed financial transactions related to foreign women.

Source: TNN



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