Here Are The Methods of Payments on Casinos

Methods of Payment
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Regardless of if you are planning on testing gambling for the first time or if you are a keen player, feeling safe when transferring money is a good start to a good game. There is rarely any reason to concern, but to feel safe there are a few things that might make you feel a lot better if you are familiar with them. 

Many casinos offer multiple methods when transferring money to and from your gambling account before being able to start playing at Indian live casino sites and other casinos. If you are looking for a new casino to spend time and money at you can find all you need to know about new online casinos available in India at various sites.

A lot of Technics Behind The Payment Methods

The simplest way is to use a credit card, but it is also the method that requires that you need to make sure that the casino site is serious and safe. When you share your card details with anyone on or off the internet you need to make sure that the one receiving the details keeps them to themself and that no one else has any insight. If you keep to the big casinos you can be sure your card and money are safe. 

E-Wallets and FinTech

There are a number of different e-wallets that use different tech solutions for your safety, deciding which one is the best is each user’s decision based on personal preferences. When using these types of services they normally ask you to confirm your transaction via a password or the code sent via text message. 

They are safer to use as you don’t need to give your card details directly to the shop or casino but only to the e-wallet company. 


The absolute safest way to fill up your account at the casinos is using vouchers that are purchasing them at a local store. It the same procedure as for any voucher, you get a code that you submit to the casino when it is activated. 

A short presentation of some of the most common methods of payment

Skrill is an e-wallet that is owned by a British company that can also be used as a bank account

+ fast transfers, especially withdrawals

-transfers often have a fee

Trustly is a Swedish company and one of the methods that are common in many international casinos

+one of the methods that are most common and can be used in many different trades outside of the casinos

+fast and free of charge

Zimpler is another method for transferring money that is presented at many casinos

+Multiple ways to get your money from your account to and from Zimpler

-At some casinos, the transaction is subject to a fee to fill up your account

Neteller is a combined e-wallet and bank account that can be opened over the internet

+Withdrawals are quick

-Many times transactions are subject to a fee

PayTM don´t need much more introduction but is used for most types of payments

+Known to most people

-some casinos add a fee to the transfer

PaysafeCard is a voucher that can be purchased on both the internet and in shops. The code that you receive upon purchase is then used to top up the account at the casino of choice

+safe and anonymous

-Withdrawals are done to your bank account which means that you are no longer anonymous.   

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