How to help your Child build an Active Lifestyle

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The Founder and Senior Fitness Consultant of Calburn, Mr. Macedonio has interviewed his clients who are parents and other parents he came across. And according to the parents, it’s a big challenge to keep their child at a healthy weight. Parents said they think it’s important for their child to eat and exercise to ensure they’re at a healthy weight. But parents found it difficult to ensure their child eats healthfully, and most of parents often are unable to guarantee their children get enough exercise.

Parents believe that they can have more control over their kids’ behavior, during school year. But many parents said there’s simply not enough time to follow healthy habits as much as they’d like.
Getting kids to exercise doesn’t come easily either. Parents are aware that their child doesn’t get enough physical activity to help them stay at a healthy weight. Nowadays children are glued to playing video games instead of paying outdoors to move bigger muscles in their bodies.

Children who enjoy doing physical activity are more likely to exercise as adults. “It’s much easier to keep a good habit than it is to break a bad habit. So the question is, how do you get the good exercising habits started?
You can help your overweight kid move toward a healthy weight by making it easy for everyone in your family to make healthy choices and encouraging them to make those choices so consistently that they become your family’s healthy habits.


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