Government should consult people before taking any decision says Deputy CM

Heli Tourism in Goa

People have become more educated and smart with time. The government feels that people have voted them into the power and they have right to decide anything on the behalf of the people, but that is not correct, says Deputy CM of Goa.

We have democracy and people have the power to overthrow any government. But the government thinks another way round, according to the government, people select them into the power to make all the decisions on their (people) behalf. Here the major confusion starts. The recent example of helicopter services which is initiated by the government of Goa in association with Goa Tourism has become the matter of controversy now. According to the news published by the local news daily Navhind Times, the Deputy CM has stated that the Government is taking people for a ride.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the news, the Deputy CM of Goa Francis D’Souza had said that government is not taking people into confidence before making the major decisions. He was speaking on the issue of Heli-Tourism (Helicopter Tourism). According to him, the helicopter tourism is a good project that exists the world over and in some parts of India too. But he feels that the government had made the big mistake by not taking the people into the confidence before implementing this project.

While speaking with the media on Thursday, he said that the government feels that people have elected them and they have right to take the decision on the people’s behalf. But people are becoming more mindful by the day. “We have the participative democracy now and hence, the government needs to consult the people before taking any major decisions instead of doing the other way round,” he said.

D’souza was interacting with the media after inaugurating the early intervention centre at the District Hospital at Mapusa. Though Mr. D’souza said that government made the mistake by not consulting the people but according to him the helicopter tourism is a good project. “According to my personal opinion this is the good initiative of the government,” he said.


D’Souza denied of receiving any request from the tourism department for the construction of helipad. “We have not received any request from anybody and in case if we get any such request, we will do the proper study of the land to find out under which category the land falls and after considering all the factors we will decide,” he said.

The government is facing the rage of the people for implementing the Heli-Tourism at the Aguada Helipad. The issue has already taken the political shape and opposition is busy in encashing this opportunity. The tourism department is leaving no stone unturned to boost the tourism in the state but they are facing a lot of hurdle from all the sides. This way nobody will benefit, especially the people who are dependent on the tourism sector will suffer more. Please do leave your valuable comments and suggestions on this serious issue.

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