Employee unions are made for the protection of the interest of the workers in the case of adverse working conditions and exploitation at the workplace but many a time the power is also exercised by the union leaders for the benefit of workers regardless of the fact they are right or wrong. It looks like something similar seems have happened in this case too.

Around 16 employees of the government department have been suspended by the newly appointed revenue minister Mr. Rohan Khaunte are seeking for the revocation of the suspension though the union GGEA (Goa Government Employees Association) on the grounds that the suspension would lead to backlog of the work and it will also cause the mental stigma to them.

It may be recalled that the Porvorim MLA Rohan Khaunte who has recently taken over the position of Revenue Minister in the BJP coalition government took the action against the government employees for coming late to the workplace on his surprise visit to the collector’s office in Mapusa citing it as lapses in the duty. But the GGEA has decided to intervene into the matter and issued the memorandum to the Revenue Minister Mr. Khaunte asking him to revoke the suspension of the workers. In the memorandum, the GGEA has stated that though the suspension is not a recognized penalty, it leaves a deep stigma on the entire career of the government servant.


It may be recalled that on his surprise visit to the Deputy Collector’s office in Mapusa on Wednesday the Revenue Minister found out that many staff comes late to the job and immediately took the action and issue the suspension of the 16 workers for the two days only. After the suspension order, GGEA had stepped into the matter and the president of the association Mr. John Nazareth sent the memorandum to Revenue Minister asking for the revocation of the suspension of the workers.

In the letter Mr. Nazareth has stated that although the suspension is ordered as a deterrent and exhibits the firm determination to root out corruption or grave misconduct or to prevent the employees concerned from tampering with records adding that GGEA is not averse to carrying out surprise inspection to enforce attendance in time so as to deliver timely service to the public and the same has in fact been one of the main objectives of this organisation so as to narrow down the differences between government employees and public.           


The memorandum sent to Khaunte reads, “This organization appreciates your objective as a minister to deliver prompt services to the public and we will always support you in the mission. However, in the spurt of anger you must not have realized that the employees will be kept away from their work for two days due to suspension, so the work will be further delayed for the public for two more days. The stigma that will remain on their mind will damage their working potential permanently and unconsciously they can develop a dislike towards work and thus the work will be delayed further. Action ordered by you for suspension of the said employees in good faith with good intention can turn out to be counter-productive in long run.”            

GGEA has requested the minister to issue an instruction for revocation of the orders of suspensions and to consider the period spent on suspension as period spent on duty so as not to leave any deep stigma in the career of said government employees. When asked about this, the Revenue Minister said that he has not yet received any memorandum; hence he will react once it reaches him.




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