Goans in Mining Area Facing Acute Shortage of Water, More than 800 Houses are affected

Goans never has an issue with the water supply since it was always available in abundance but the mining seems to have taken that privilege also away from them. According to the reports, Ambeudok village situated in Sanvordem is facing a severe water problem and around 800 house have got affected with that. Now the situation is such, there is no mining and no water too.    

Ever since the ban on mining operation; the economy of the state and the lives of mining dependents are adversely affected. They had no alternate choice of earning and are left to the pangs of unemployment and uncertainty.

Despite several efforts from the state government, the central government took no actions to resume mining in Goa.

Now in the recent news, it is learned that over 800 houses suffer due to the inadequacy of water supply and are facing extreme hardship in managing the meager amount that is supplied on a daily basis.


Five kilometers away from Curchorem town, in Ambeudok of Sanvordem panchayat in South Goa, is currently suffering from the shortage of water supply. This has affected 800 houses, which before was supplied with enough water by mining companies through tankers.


Now ever since the ban; the water supply from these companies has been cut off.  The residents now receive a ration of three barrels of water supplied per household every alternate day on which they have to carry out their daily activities.

Now the residents worry about convincing the PWD to set-up water facilities for such a large number of households. The villagers stated that the politicians assured about making facilities for regular water supply but there is still no effort that is taken up.

They had, however, taken the pipeline connections to their houses and even fixed the water meters. But still, there is no water supplied and yet bills are issued to the villagers to pay for the water they never used.

Speaking on the same, villager Mukund Ichalkar said that “despite several complaints, the process of issuing water bills is going on uninterruptedly.  The entire village was depending on the mining business and since the mining operations are shut, the villagers are now unemployed.

The mine owners have stopped water supply which is of utmost importance for our survival.” He continued “How can we survive daily with only 4 buckets of water? The mining company had provided us with education, medical and other facilities. School buses were provided to students to travel to their respective schools. All such facilities are stopped and now we are facing untold hardships.”

The housewives of the households face a hard time managing such a small amount of water for various purposes. Manorathi Naik, a housewife said “Now, we draw water from this well which is muddy and not good for drinking purposes. We require at least four barrels of water for washing, bathing, cooking, toilet use etc.” 

The politicians must take into account the pleas of these helpless people that are deprived of the most basic necessity. With the mining operations coming to a halt, so have the lives of these people with their jobs been taken away and now even their necessities. It is unfortunate to know that these villagers struggle on a daily basis with such acute shortage of water. The government needs to take necessary measures to get the water running in these houses and bring back their lives to some stability.

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