Goans Drinking Adulterated Milk, But Minister Projecting Dream of making Goa an Export Hub

The lone dairy of Goa is under the scanner for a very high level of corruption, and it has been into the news various reasons even in the past. The quality of milk is always an issue with the dairy as most of the supply comes from outside Goa. Locals do not have enough production capacity, and hence there are no options but to import the milk from outside the state which ultimately leads to the adulteration. Let us take a look at where Goa gets the milk from and how it what level of adulteration it has…

The Goa government has not done anything in past few decades to encourage the agriculture in the state instead they spend more time on digging the hills to extract the iron ore and minerals and the result, Goan had to remain dependent for the supply from neighboring states for every need of the day to day requirements.

Vegetables come from Maharashtra and Karnataka and same with the milk. The Animal Husbandry minister of Goa Mr. Mavin Godhino has agreed that the milk supply that comes from neighboring states is adulterated. He said that although the government is doing all that is possible to stop this defilement, increasing the milk production in Goa would be the best way to control this menace.

The major adulteration is adding up of water into the milk but there is no clue as what kind of water is mixed with the milk and there is also the possibility of making milk with the use of some chemical compounds. 

There is no idea as how the Goa government is going to increase production of milk within the state without having proper plans and infrastructure. Manpower is the major hurdle in the state. But the minister is talking about the increase in the production which is hardly 10 percent in the past 6 months. 

Godinho said that during the last three to four months, the amount of milk produced locally has increased by 10,000 liters, from 1.65 lakh liters to 1.75 lakh liters, even though the milk requirement of the state remains 3.60 lakh liters.

“My endeavor is that at the end of the five-year term of this government, whatever 2 lakh liters shortage of milk we try to procure from across the border, which I consider not so safe, should be produced here,” he maintained, noting that Goa should be self-sufficient in milk and milk products, as also the state should be a hub for their export, especially as the proposed Mopa airport is being projected as the cargo hub.   

“Although the government is in possession of the mechanism to test the quality of milk and has already tightened screws on water adulteration in milk, more needs to be done in this respect,” Godinho added, observing that the mindset of people to stay away from making a career in the dairy industry is slowly changing. 

The poor quality of milk results into the production of substandard quality of its bi-products like Curd, Cheese and other dairy products and people prefer to buy the products procured from the neighboring states.

The minister claims that Goa government is giving 90% subsidy for the dairy business and the professionals like Doctors and Engineers are entering into the dairy business.

“The government is already giving up to 90 percent subsidy in the dairy sector, and fortunately professionals like doctors, engineers and industrialists are now entering the dairy industry,” he added, pointing out that the government will soon publicly felicitate such people.

The mining is stopped, tourism is declining and there is no mode of revenue generation left in the state except for giving the shelter to casinos.

The state government never looked into the agriculture sector of Goa and most the agricultural land has been converted into the concrete jungles for their own benefits.

Milk and milk products are not the only thing that comes adulterated from the neighboring states, but the vegetables, fruits, and grains too.

The state is not self-sufficient in producing anything due to lack of technical know and proper training, rest the politicians are always telling stories to score the good votes in the forthcoming elections.


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