Goan Ministers Flock to Mumbai and USA For Treatment, How Much Money Spent Till Date on their Medical Bills?

In the past days when our ailing CM was taken to US followed by Deputy CM getting treatment, questions were raised by the opposition party and the people, whether the treatment in Goa or India was not feasible. If that is so then should the common man also make trips to the US for treatments? While one of the Minsters’s claimed these questions as ‘insensitive’, people of Goa have chosen these candidates would like an answer rather than an emotional statement.

Starting from Vishnu Wagh, Deputy Speaker of the legislative assembly who took ill in August 2016 has been unwell. Till date, he has made only 2 public appearances. The Chief Minister of Goa complained of ‘stomach ache’ on February 14 this year. He was rushed to the GMC Hospital and later shifted to Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai. Both the hospital’s sources confirmed that CM Parrikar was suffering from pancreatic cancer. However, the hospital denied such speculations and told not to feed on these unconfirmed rumors, according to the reports by Goa Prism, The Chief Minister’s offices were hushing the news saying it was a “mild pancreatitis” and repressed the topic. On 22 February CM returned to Goa to deliver a truncated annual budget speech, but alarms bells sounded when he was again hospitalised on February 25 at the GMCH after officials claimed he suffered a bout of “dehydration” and “blood pressure”. Days after treatment in Lilavati hospital, Parrikar was shifted to US for the treatment of his pancreatic cancer at 4th stage, reports close to CM said.

On the other hand the, Urban Development Minister and Deputy CM Adv. Francis D’Souza was also shifted to Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai for an unidentified illness. D’souza left for the USA for kidney transplant surgery following an agreement from the Legislative assembly. “D’Souza has informed the Speaker that he will be on leave and will not be attending the session till July 30. He has gone to Mumbai for follow-up medical treatment.  He claimed that he spent his own money on his travel and trip and that his post is like a rat race seat which everyone wants.

The camouflage

It is unclear to tell whether the people are kept in an illusion by the ministers who are paying the hospital bills through the taxpayer’s money. In an interview regarding the health of a minister published by The Wire says that he believed legislators are entitled to unlimited medical expenses, even abroad except but not the foreign expenditures. 

According to the study published by the Prudent Media, every year a crore is spent on the medical bills of the minister’s. Since 2012 5.68 crores have been spent on the Ministers starting from Vishnu Wagh on whom 1.6 crores had been spent for his treatment in Mumbai. Given below is the table which will tell you which how much money had been spent on each minister.

Money spent on Ministers from the taxes.


Vishnu Wagh

1.16 crores

Dilip Parulekar

33 lakh

Francis D’souza

23.61 lakhs

Francis D’souza’s daughter

13.5 lakhs

Pandu Vasu

24 lakh


The table rightfully shows the amount of revenue collected from us put to personal use. Crores have been spent on the Goa medical College to renovate and upgrade, Ministers still don’t even step into the hospital but take admission in a private hospital like Manipal and posh hospitals in Mumbai. Goa medical college which is Goa’s largest and the most famous government hospital can’t treat the illness of the ministers then can we, as common people rely on the same? What shall the locals do when they don’t get treated in Goa, do they also pack their bags and leave for the US? Through the previous reports, it can be seen that most of the minister has avoided entering GMC and have carried their treatment in Private Hospital except few ministers like Pratap Singh Rane, Anant Shett, and Harish Zantye and not forgetting our CM Manohar Parrikar and Vishnu Wagh.

What lies in the future…?

Keeping in mind the expenditure made on Goa Medical College to improve, it is the only ray of hope for the common man that flock to the hospital every day. However, it is not the same for our Ministers because they have the money and the rule. They can also treat their family members in reputed hospitals without spending a penny from their pockets. While questions are being raised whether our CM is fit to run the state, there is rat race of people for the coveted post. Many ministers have bluntly spoken their mind out for the CM’s post while Parrikar is fighting his illness against pancreatic cancer.

GMC being the hub to produce young and future doctors don’t have the facilities is a shame to our face. Despite having private hospitals in India which promise total treatment and healthcare also have failed to please some ministers. Keeping in mind their well being, Incredible Goa wishes our ministers a speedy recovery and a safe journey to CM Manohar Parrikar who will fly to the US for his further treatment.

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