Goan lady Beaten, Burnt and Child put in washing Machine by Husband

Dowry Harassment of Woman in India
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Despite several legislations, dowry harassment has become the bane of many new brides.  In the latest case a young lady from Salcete Goa, Zubeida, who was married in Mumbai, was subject to mental and physical torture for dowry by her Husband.  Even her 4-year old child was not spared. The husband allegedly put her in the washing machine to blackmail the mother

Alleging that dowry harassment cases continue unabated in the State of Goa, Goa Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee President Pratima Coutinho has taken up cudgels on behalf of another victim.

Speaking to Ingoanews on video, Coutinho narrated the case of the victim Zubeida, who was married in Mumbai. The victim, a Goan, who has been harassed by her husband since the time of marriage, had recently filed a case against him. However, she withdrew the case in good faith when the husband promised not to ill-treat her. Zubeida is the mother to a minor four- and- a half-year-old girl child.

However, according to this source, 15 days ago the husband resorted to physical abuse and blackmail once again in a bid to get more dowry from the victim.  He demanded a sum of Rs50,000 and refused meals to both mother and child. In fact, to get her to concede he even put the child in the washing machine. However, Zubeida managed to save her child in time. He then burnt his wife with a hot spoon (kailato), singeing her tongue, cheeks and other parts of the body.

The husband, his brother and mother-in-law then brought her to Goa and dumped her and her minor child near Costa factory in Salcete.

Zubeida was immediately admitted to Hospicio hospital by her brother after he summoned 108. The victim is unable to eat and has suffered severe mental trauma as well.  As of now she has been transferred to IPHB, Bambolim for mental treatment.

Speaking on her behalf, Pratima Coutinho has said that although this happened in Mumbai, the victim Zubeida is a Goan and the State must take up her case immediately.   

She has made a request to the Chief Minister, who also holds the Home portfolio, to direct the police to coordinate with the counterparts in Mumbai and issue an arrest warrant against the husband.

She also said that dowry cases such as these are rampant in Goa and cognizance must be taken of them immediately.  “Very often victims are harassed to such a point they commit suicide.  These are then just considered as suicidal deaths.  Women are not commodities. They need to be respected and if we do not take action now, more women will continue to suffer,” she said.

Source: In Goa 24X7

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