Goan fashion designer Wendell Rodricks slams IndiGo for casting racism

The VVIP trend is catching up rapidly in India. Racism or elitism has become the part and parcel of today’s existing social scenario. Although it does happen everywhere but in India, it is getting more obvious due to the huge difference in social status of people. One such incident took place on the Indigo Mumbai – Goa flight in which two of the well known Indian celebrities Wendell Rodricks and Madhuri Dixit were traveling.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] IndiGo is known for the economy and low-cost air travel in India. They are the one who redefined the way we travel by making the air travel most affordable and time saving. The economy airlines came as blessings for the travelers who otherwise would not afford to travel by air.

Based on the news published in NEWSMOBILE Portal, Goan fashion designer Wendell Rodricks was travelling to Goa from Mumbai via IndiGo airline when he apparently faced this incident of racism. The report says that ‘well-known designer Wendell Rodricks got a shock of his life when under the searing sun, he had to wait to let a VVIP leapfrog the line and leave the others to fry under the merciless sun’.

Normally, the VVIP class issue does not exist when someone travel on economy class airlines and that is what made Mr. Wendell to get stunned when he observed the group of people has been treated with special status while everyone was paying equally for the services offered by the airlines.

According to the news, Wendell observed the group of five people has jumped boarding line and being escorted by the crew members on a separate special bus. Initially, it made him (Wendell) think that they might be flying on a private jet. According to Wendell, the things went usually till the time flight landed.


Wendell observed that the group of people he saw in Mumbai were travelling on the same flight as he was and they were again taken by a special bus which was almost empty while rest of the passengers waited in the hot sun for the another bus to arrive. It is very obvious that the same bus could have easily carried rest of the passengers along but that did not happen.

When Wendell asked around he was told that the group of five was Madhuri Dixit and her friends. This is what made Wendell raise the major concern over this issue. Is Madhuri a VVIP? In her own rights, yes. But, if she has paid what everyone else in the flight has, which she had, then she has no reason to celebrate her VVIP-status. And if she indeed does want VVIP treatment, then she should either travel private or opt for higher end airlines. If she pays like us, she gets the same treatment we do.

This really calls for a serious attention into this VVIP culture that is spreading in our system today. Many of you might have already witnessed it on various occasions. We do not advocate for removal of VVIP culture entirely from the system, which is next to impossible but the practice of it in public is not acceptable. The services those are used by everybody by paying the same amount should be kept out of it.

Mr. Rodricks has taken a proper stand and everyone should take the similar stand as and when it is possible. Celebrities such as Madhuri need to learn from this incident and perhaps apologize to the people.   [/su_expand]

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