Goan Cops Assaulted by a group of Women Tourists from Telengana!

Police are known for their public sector security, guidance and protection.  However, when a police itself is disrespected and disparaged, it is an infuriate sight. The latest episode has unveiled a shuddering experience upon the police services at the Anjuna traffic cell. A team of police inspectors faced some terrible consequences after they held a group of tourists responsible in violating laws.

The tourists who were all women included Chaya Bung- 46 and her daughters Sushmita -24, Namita- 26, and Akshita-19. They were residents of Secunderabad in Telangana. On 11th June 2018 at 12:40 in the afternoon, the women were caught for not wearing their helmets. To that, an argument broke out between the police and the irresponsible women who allegedly assaulted the cops.

According to TOI, The police team had stopped the tourists who were on two-wheelers for not wearing helmets. When they were questioned, they allegedly got into an argument with the team and physically manhandled the lady constable.

After admitting Reshma Nayak ( lady traffic constable), Bashir Mulla, the head constable immediately filed a complaint against the abuse faced by the tourists with a statement mentioning the cruel assault of Reshma Nayak whose uniform and challan book was torn apart.

Sources from TOI mention that the Anjuna police have registered an offence under Sections 353, 332, 186, 427, 504 read with 34 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and prevention of damage to Public Property Act and Section 129 of Motor Vehicle Act.


Reshma has been discharged from the Candolim primary health centre while the accused are locked up at the Ajuna police station. Further investigations were undertaken by PSI Rupali Govekar.

Previous incidents on the same note of disobedience and violating laws have resulted in abuse of Goa cops. A 2017 incident suggests that the police forces are being taken advantage of perpetually. Indian Express briefs about the turmoil on July 5th, 2017 where a group of tourists ended up beating two police officers when warned on having alcohol and creating the nuisance. The incident took place at Calangute beach and it was reported to inspector Jivba Dalvi. In his comments, he said, “The tourists, who hailed from Haryana and Delhi, were inebriated when they started hitting the constables who were in uniform.”

Coming back to the slur event that occurred on Monday afternoon, it has been revealed the women tourists who allegedly assaulted the police have been bailed out yesterday (Tuesday), the 12th of June. Sources also say that when the bail was applied on Monday, the court had sternly rejected it. However, as per the reports of TOI today, on 13th June 2018, it states that the women were released on a conditional bail.  “The accused women were released on a conditional bail by the judicial magistrate first class (JMFC), Mapusa, on Tuesday.”

Nothing else has been disclosed about future trials or sentence. But at the moment, it is inappropriate for tourists coming and causing this kind of chaos not only among the Goans but even to the Police.

The defying of traffic rules like wearing helmets compulsory is the main cause of accidents. Tourists on a vacation to Goa visualize it as a place of order less and fun, thus thinking that rules can be easily disobeyed. This backward ideology prompts all these muddled up situations and incidents of the civil force assault.

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