Keeping in pace with its expansion strategy the Vasco-based NRB group has commenced its first international manufacturing facility in Zambia. This is one of the biggest achievement for the NRB group, a well known Goan business house led by Shri. Narayan (Nana) Bandekar.

The group said to have invested whopping 12 million US Dollars in this project which will manufacture the medicines for HIV/AIDS and TB. The NRB group is mainly engaged in the mining business in Goa and has varied diversified businesses ranging from Manufacturing, Exports, Entertainment, Hospitality and Health and the new project is the first manufacturing facility outside the India, said the sources.

According to the sources, the manufacturing unit in Zambia was commissioned on 26th April by the President of Republic of Zambia Edgar Changwa Lungu, at Lusaka and the facility will be operated by the Subsidiary Company of NRB group called ‘NRB Pharmaceutical Zambia Limited)   


While speaking to the media Mr. Bandekar said that the plant has the manufacturing capacity of around 375 million tablet and capsules per annum. “The plant has an installed capacity to manufacture 375 million tablets and capsules annually. We have applied for WHO certification and it is expected soon. We will be the first World Health Organisation (WHO) certified pharmaceutical plant in Zambia. Initially, we will cater to Zambia, but later we will expand and cater to huge demands in sub-Saharan Africa,” Bandekar said.


The sources have further stated that initially, the NRB Pharma will start producing anti-magnetic, antibiotics and anti-tuberculosis tablets and one the WHO (World Health Organisation) grants the approvals they will start manufacturing the anti-retroviral drugs for the HIV/AIDS. According to the UNAIDS report for 2016, an estimated 25.5 million people infected with HIV live in sub-Saharan Africa. The vast majority of them, an estimated 19 million, live in east and southern Africa which saw 46% of new HIV infections globally in 2015.       

According to the UNAIDS Gap Report 2016, Zambia itself has 12.9% of its adult population living with HIV and the country reported 20,000 deaths due to AIDS in 2016. Zambia has set up an exclusive economic zone and is making strong efforts to attract investment in Zambia.

This is one of the smart investment made by the Goan Business house into the international markets and looking at its prospects the business is bound to make good progress in the short span of time. NRB group has always been advancing towards the new avenues and searching for the investment opportunities and this is one of the best examples of the same. Please do leave your comments and suggestions on this article.





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