Goa will have separate guidelines for the travellers from Maharashtra

Travelers from Maharashtra coming to Goa

Now that the state is in the process of opening its doors to travellers from all over the country, it has a separate plan for travellers from Maharastra. The state is planning separate SOP for Maharashtra due to the current situation in the Mumbai where the cases have been multiplying day by day.

Goa has been a green zone until the 4th lockdown announced by the state government with several relaxations in the guidelines on the borders of Goa, and in no time the state turned into the red zone with multiple positive cases entering the Goa from all over the country. 

According to the reports, The Goa government is in talks with the Railway Ministry regarding the matter and has informed that Covid-19 situation in Goa can deteriorate due to rise in coronavirus cases in Maharashtra, Mr Sawant added.

According to the sources, around 90 per cent of positive cases entering in Goa is from Maharashtra and hence the state government has decided to formulate the separate Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for travellers coming from Maharashtra.  

“The SOP set by the Goa government will remain the same. However, we are thinking about Maharashtra as 90 per cent of patients infected with coronavirus in the state are from Maharashtra. We may bring separate SOP for Maharashtra as cases are increasing in Maharashtra,” Mr Sawant told ANI.


According to Mr Sawant the situation is under control in the state with only 48 cases and all of them have entered the state from outside, while not a single person from Goa reported to be positive for COVID. At the same time the tally of positive cases has climbed to 52,000 mark in Maharashtra. 

“The situation of Covid-19 is under control. No local has been detected positive for Covid. Those who came by trains or other states, we quarantined them at the border and then tested them for Covid and admitted them to the hospitals after they were detected positive for the virus,” he said.

The state government has released the revised SOP for all domestic passengers arriving by air, rail, or road to the state as domestic flight services resumed on Monday. According CM, Goa is still in the “safe and green zone” with no community transmission.   

According to CM, the state has also invested Rs. 41 crore to integrate the grade separator at Dabolim airport, which is expected to solve traffic problems outside the airport. “The grade separator will ease traffic movement towards the airport from Verna and Vasco. It will also prevent congestion near the traffic signal in front of the airport,” Mr Sawant said.

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